16 July 2014

Beat The Heat!

My name is Beatrice and I have worked in Open Door Mission’s Volunteer Department for just over a year.  Experiencing each month of the year at ODM has blessed me with a more comprehensive understanding of our clients’ and guests’ needs.

Along with the changing holidays and seasons, each month brings new difficulties.  I often take my ability to access solutions for granted.  When my apartment gets warm, I turn on the air conditioning.  When the humidity is unbearable, I drive instead of walk, with the AC cranked high.  When feel heat exhaustion setting in, I stay indoors and drink plenty of water.

Many people in Omaha do not have the money for air conditioning.  They do not have extra gas to drive short distances.  They cannot afford an extra bottle of water.  They have no place indoors to seek refreshment.

This is why the Beat the Heat drive is so vital during these blisteringly hot months.  The stress of the elements, added to already strenuous circumstances, is sometimes too much for our residents and clients to bear.  Their health and survival is dangerously at risk.

It is a joy to see donors bring cases of water and plenty of fans, to watch volunteers hand out fans at the Timberlake Outreach Center, to see the complete gratitude on people’s faces as volunteers place a bottle of cold water in their hands.  Thank you for all who have helped with this drive in any way.  Your impact is far greater than you may realize.  You bring refreshment and hope during the heat.

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