28 February 2017

Grateful for Safe, Warm Shelter...Part 2

Continued from Monday, 2/27

     A pastor brought Mark to a church service, and he soon accepted Jesus Christ into his life.  Having only been to church twice as a kid, the Gospel was brand new to him, and was very welcome Good News!  Even with Christ by his side, Mark continued to struggle with his addictions.
     “Every now and then I would get sober, but my addictions always led me back to the streets,” said Mark.
     Mark overdosed twice within a couple of months, and the doctors considered it a suicide attempt.  So he was brought to Omaha in an ambulance and stayed in the hospital for seven days.
     He heard about Open Door Mission and decided to seek shelter there this past October.  After encouragement from the Men's Director, Mark joined the New Life Recovery Program, and his life has been changed ever since.
     “The classes, teaching, volunteers, and staff in the program are constantly bringing it all back to Jesus,” said Mark.  “And I’m finding out that Jesus is real.  Because of Him, I’m not alone anymore.”
     Mark is looking forward to graduating in a few months, and is excited to see where God will take him afterwards.  For now though, he is grateful for the safe, warm shelter at Open Door Mission.
     “Sleeping outside in the cold, I had to worry a lot about survival,” Mark said.  “I don’t have the worries no more.  I’m warm, I have clothes, I have food, and I’m working towards bettering myself.  I have goals.”

Beatrice Jones
Marketing Coordinator

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