22 March 2017

A Lenten Devotional...Part 2

Continued from Tuesday, 3/21.

     Usually when I get tired and worn out, it is because I'm focused on my works and actions rather than on Jesus!  The days when I’m too overwhelmed to keep working for God’s glory are when my priorities are out of whack.  If I am working for God's glory but do not have God's presence, what good is it?  Then I am like the Pharisee.  If on the outside I am doing my job, but my inside is not full of Jesus, then what good am I truly?
     The beauty of the Gospel is that we can come as we are to King Jesus.  We can come and fully surrender our ways to Him.  We can say, “Lord, let me be in Your presence.  Do a work inside of me so I can minister for You on the outside.”  We can ask to be humbled in order to submit to His authority.  We can repent of our hypocritical ways and Jesus ALWAYS is faithful to clean our insides and make us brand new.  When we do this, we are able with His Spirit to minister knowing that we are being made into Christ's image more and more every day!   I Love this prayer from Ann Voskamp:
Ann Voskamp is an influential Christian author and speaker.
By Grace, today I will fast from social media because unplugging tunes me to God.  Today I will be more focused on Good News than any other news.  We repent of having more time for Facebook than we do for Face in Your Book, for more closely following our social media streams instead of thirsting for Living Water and closely following You.  -Ann Voskamp
     Let's not be people who keep plugging away even though our inside is in need of refreshing that only Jesus can bring.  Let's be people who thirst for Living Water that satisfies and do not just get filled with temporary satisfaction.  Let's be people that come to the Lord when we know our inside needs Him desperately and let's let Him transform us to be more like Jesus every day.

Trudy Woodward
Permanent Supportive Housing Director

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