03 March 2017

Above and Beyond

Be sure to stop by the conveniently-located
Elkhorn Outreach Center!
     The Kitchen Director at Saint Wenceslaus School called me to say she really appreciated the interaction she had with our staff member, Greg, at the Elkhorn Family Outreach/Donation Center.   When she stopped by to drop off bread, Greg was able to pray with her about her recent knee surgery.  She was very thankful for the service that didn't make her get out of the car as well!  Way to go Greg, for serving our donors as Christ would!  Knowing Greg, this isn't anything out of the ordinary for him.  This is just who he is.
     I could send an email like this about each of my staff members as they are all doing things to go above and beyond each week.  I love watching true servants hearts in action!  Nothing is more inspirational to me.

Joshua Smith
Gift in Kind Director

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