08 March 2017

Big Time Change

     My name is Francisco and in February 2016 I graduated from the New Life Recovery Program offered by Open Door Mission.
     I am so thankful to this place for so many blessings they provided and for saving my life.  I’m thankful that they support people who are battling addictions and help them to find their own way to survive through Christ.  I found Jesus in my journey and am eternally thankful for the staff who introduced me to the real Christianity.  My life has changed big time, and I have come a long way since first arriving at Open Door Mission.
     I’m looking forward to continuing attending recovery meetings, helping my fellow brothers in Christ stand strong, seeing my kids more, and moving up in my company.
     I just wanted to thank everyone at Open Door Mission who gave me this opportunity for new life and to all the staff who made this change possible.

New Life Recovery Program Graduate

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