15 March 2017

Girl Scout Cookies!

     Children of homelessness don’t often have the opportunities that children of more affluent families have.  My children were blessed to be involved in scouting (Boys & Girls) and now my grandchildren, nieces, nephews and very special “adopted grandchildren” are involved too.
     When I heard that there was a Girl Scout Troop at Open Door Mission's Lydia House, I was thrilled to know that these very special girls would be able to enjoy all the fun and learning of Girl Scouts along with a sense of belonging to something bigger homelessness.

     Then I saw the newscast of their selling ability on the UNO campus!  The girls were great, organized, worked as a team, were polite, and sold cookies.  I knew I had to support them.  I let my friends know I had “connections” and could get Girl Scout Cookies for them, without them tramping all over town.  Of course, I bought a couple boxes of certain Girl Scout Cookies that I love.
     These girls need all the love, prayers, and encouragement we can give them so they can flourish.  Now I have to go find out if there are any cookies left…to fill my office cookie tin! 

Maggie Cope
Gift in Kind Coordinator

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