28 March 2017

It's the Little Things

     I work in the Maintenance Department and get to meet many of the men, women, and children that have come to Open Door Mission for one reason or another.  As I go about doing the repairs across campus, I’m reminded of the little things we all take for granted.  I get big thanks when I fix a clogged sink, or get a washer or dryer running again. 
     I also get a chance to talk with the guests here.  I hear how they are here because of an abusive relationship or they had just been released from jail and being here was terms of their release.  I see how small accomplishments are huge to them.  Getting a GED, graduating from one of the programs here, or even just getting promoted to the next level are all important steps. 
     Please keep our guests in your prayers as they are “the least of these.”

Gregory Crocker
Maintenance Department

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