09 March 2017

Mr. Country

     “Mr. Country” is what we call him.  This is a man with great wisdom, strength, and gentleness in his eyes.  Mr. Country is a man we serve through our Streets of Omaha program.  We can usually find him close to a local church, passed out from a day of drinking.  The other day though, we had a much different encounter with Mr. Country.
     He was walking tall and sober-minded, with clean clothes on and a fresh smile across his face.  He greeted us with a hug.  I was surprised that he even knew who I was, given that we had only ever spoken while he was under the influence.  But he looked into my eyes and said, "Thank you for caring for me when I couldn't care for myself.  Thank you for taking time to show me love when I didn't love myself.  Today I got an apartment.  Today I am sober--two weeks sober, as a matter of fact!" 
     With great joy, my volunteer team and I talked with Mr. Country about his decision to stay sober and told him that God has a plan for him.  As we watched him walk away, we were reassured of one thing and that is that God sees all of us.  He hears us, knows our struggles, and He rejoices with us when we get it right.
     God is walking along side Mr. Country.  The Streets of Omaha volunteer team, including myself, is glad they got to be a part of his story!

Jessica Coffey
Volunteer Program Coordinator

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