17 March 2017

Seeing the Symptoms

     Two weeks ago, a gentleman came into the clinic looking for a knee brace.  I was concerned about the symptoms he shared with me, so I asked if he could hang around and speak with the doctor that was coming in later that day.
     Our volunteer, Dr. Agner, spoke with this man was also concerned about his symptoms, so helped him make an appointment at an office to get some tests done.  The man did this, had many tests, and was diagnosed with a tumor growing in his stomach.  
     Because this tumor was discovered now, this man’s doctors have worked out a treatment plan that will allow him to see his grandchildren graduate!  What a blessing to have such knowledgeable volunteer doctors that can see stomach cancer from a sprained knee visit.  Praise God!

Kate Fischer, LIMHP
Health & Healing Center Director

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