20 March 2017

Spa Day

     Last week, a group from the Veteran’s Association (or VA) came and provided a spa day for our Lydia House ladies in one of  our life-changing programs.  It was AMAZING!  The VA provided professional messages, hair wash/cut/color, make up, nails, new professional clothing, lunch, resume and interview advice, and fantastic fellowship!  Every one of these ladies was so encouraged by today!
     One woman shared with me that before her addiction took over, she never left the house without her makeup done and her hair curled.  As her addiction grew though, it took that from her and she has not worn make up or curled her hair in a very long time.  She had both done today and was nearly in tears trying to tell me how much it meant to her!
     THEN, as a bonus, a Bible study group from Westside Church put together little blessing bags for the ladies.  They ended up making exactly enough to give one to each of our program guests!
     Today I am thanking God for so many amazing blessings He poured out on these fantastic women!  And I am also so grateful for the volunteers and donors in our community who care enough about our guests to show them just how valued and beautiful they are.

Vickie Gregorio
Lydia House Director

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