24 March 2017

The Gift of Vision

     First Monday of every month, Dr. Matthew Taylor comes to Open Door Mission’s Free Health & Healing Clinic and to see guests in need of glasses.  Once he has given them their diagnosis, we contact an organization in Iowa for a free glasses voucher. 
     This week I heard an extra special story about Dr. Taylor’s visit with a guest from the Lydia House.

I would just like to say thank you so much. I did not realize just how blind I was getting and how much I was missing out on seeing.  It's wonderful knowing that I will be able to see once again.  This wouldn't be possible for me without the Free Health & Healing Clinic and the generosity of Dr. Taylor.  I feel very blessed.  Thank You Again.  –Angela

     Praise God for the partnerships we have in the clinic to assist our guests in something a beautiful as seeing the new spring in bloom with clear vision!

Kate Fischer, LIMHP
Health & Healing Center Director

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