23 March 2017

The Panhandler's Plan

     Sometimes God’s plans are different from your own.  One evening a little while ago, my plan was to rest.  I’ve been getting over the flu, but the process is slow.  While my wife was at her appointment, my plan was to rest in the car until she had finished, and then go home and rest.
     On our way to the doctor’s office, we saw a panhandler and I knew God had a different plan.  After I dropped my wife off, I returned to our friend on the side of the street.
     Ricky is his name.  He is just back in Omaha after leaving four years ago.  He has a couple of light coats on in the bitter cold and a pair of sneakers that are too small.  I gave him a care bag that my church’s small group had made, which contains an Open Door Mission Compassion Card.  These cards let panhandlers know where they can get free food, shelter, and care.
If you would like free Compassion Cards to hand
out to panhandlers, please call Candace Gregory
at 402-422-1111.
     He began talking with me.  I told him all about Open Door Mission and every service we have to offer.  I suggested calling for a van to pick him up so he could get new shoes and a heavy coat, use the phone, and put his stuff in a locker so it would be safe.
     He almost said yes.  He kept saying, "I don't want to agree and then change my mind."  He had his own plan.
     Please pray for Ricky.  As my wife and I drove home later, I passed by Ricky’s corner to see he had left.  Although I wasn’t able to convince Ricky to come to the Mission, I did follow God’s nudging to be kind, give him helpful things, and let him know that Jesus cares.  We will see if one day Ricky alters his plan and comes to get help at Open Door Mission.
     I hope I don't have to wait until heaven to find out what happened to Ricky.  If I do though, I am okay with it because God is good and I can trust in Him!

Steve Frazee
Senior Program Director

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