04 April 2017

Jane Doe

Some of the Free Health & Healing Clinic's wonderful volunteers.
     The Lord knows her real name, but Jane Doe is the only name she would give when she came into the Free Health & Healing Clinic last week.  She had been severely beaten twice in two days and had finally gotten away from her abuser.
     When Jane saw the volunteer doctor in the clinic, he advised her to go directly to ER as she has several broken bones.  One of her broken bones was on the leg she limped on to come into the clinic.  She also had a partially crushed voice box and was barely able to speak.
     I was able to get Jane a sack lunch and drink while we waited for the van to be pulled around.  A male and female staff took Jane to the hospital, and on the way the female staff, Sarah, shared her story of salvation.
     As they were helping Jane out of the vehicle, she thanked Sarah for sharing her story and said it gave her hope.  Sarah held Jane’s hand and encouraged her.  It is no coincidence that Sarah rode along to the hospital.  Seeds were planted in Jane’s heart and we know that she is in our Father’s loving care.  I do hope she comes back to see us. 
     Please pray for this precious soul.  I don't know how she knew to come to Open Door Mission’s clinic, but I am praising God that she did.  He is the one that guided her steps.

Kate Fischer, LIMHP
Health & Healing Center Director

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