18 April 2017

LOOK...Part 2

     Annie F. Downs then discussed how there is a difference between having a personal relationship with Jesus and working for God in employment/vocation.  Sometimes from working in ministry we are too tired, too exhausted to spend time alone with God, just meditating on His word, reading the Bible, and hearing from Him.
     Sometimes it's easier for us to say, “I shared Bible verses, I shared the Gospel today, so I'm good.  I'm just too tired today God.”  Sometimes we wish we could hear from God, but just are too tired from the day to take any time to actually hear.
     What matters to God is that we spend time with Him.  We can come as we are, tired or fully energized, or in between.  Yes, we need to be obedient to do His will and for some that means full time ministry.  But if our relationship with God suffers, our ministry often suffers as well.
     Would you make it a priority to spend time with God and look for Him?  I don’t mean read just to get it done, but to actually look for God in scriptures, ask questions, study, and enjoy who He is.
     I have learned and will continue to learn that when I spend time alone with God, He shows up hugely in my ministry at Open Door Mission.  I don't seek out people, but God places people in my path and I share what He wants them to know.
     Would we be people who look for God in everything we do?  Would we LOOK for Him in our day to day life, in scripture, in what He does?  Would we be encouraged that if we have fallen short, that we can still come to God's feet?  Would we pray, "God help me look for You, help me see Your Word as living and active and I pray it would come alive in my life daily."
     God is so good because He is always looking for us, no matter where we are.  We matter, you and me because our God would leave the 99 just to find the 1.

Trudy Woodward
Permanent Supportive Housing Director

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