20 April 2017

Striving for Excellence

     Every day I get the opportunity to be an example at Open Door Mission by ministering to the men on campus.  Getting to know them and their story is such a blessing as this gives them a chance and an opportunity to open up, share their feelings, and, express what they want to accomplish while at the Mission.
     When I see them as we cross paths or when we have a face to face conversation, I see huge smiles or the tears of happiness as the men tell me how much they have grown in their faith.  I can tell they are finding what they have been searching for in their personal journey and just how much they feel loved and cared for by God.
     Watching the men strive for excellence in everything they do by putting their best foot forward is daily blessing.  What makes this extra meaningful is I teach a class for the men one day a week and lead morning devotions for the men one day a week.
     It doesn't stop there.  The program is a wonderful opportunity for men to get connected with God's word and how to make that positive change in their life that they have been longing for.  The New Life Recovery Program takes their journey with the Lord to the next level.  This program is a stepping stone for them to start being independent and back on track.
     Several of our men are looking forward to graduation which is this Saturday, April 22, at 10:00 a.m. at the Garland Thompson Men's Center, (2705 N 20th St E Omaha, NE).  Students graduate from the program when they have completed all requirements.  I see firsthand the positive changes in lives every day, and I know God is at the center of it all!  
     God is at work changing the lives of MANY men, women, and children at Open Door Mission!  I am so blessed to be a part of this wonderful ministry. In Christ's Love, EVERYONE is SOMEONE!

Rick Ziegler
Communications Coordinator

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