10 April 2017

The Blessing of a Car

     My name is Angela and I recently graduated from the New Life Recovery Program.  A week after graduation, the van I owned blew up and I had to sell it for scrap.
     I had put a lot of wear and tear on my van by giving rides to women and children at the Lydia House to and from doctor appointments, stores, and etc.  I wouldn’t change that for the word.  I love the families that I’ve met here and cherish the wonderful relationship I’ve had with them.
     Currently, I’m working a full time as a cashier in Council Bluffs, and it has been difficult getting to work without a car.  My goal is to return to school and finish my cosmetology license, but that wouldn’t be possible without my own vehicle.
     Then, last week, I was blessed with a car!  There were tears in my eyes as they handed me the keys to this blessing of a car.  I just want to say, “Thank you!” for all Open Door Mission and the Lydia House does!  You have put so many smiles on so many faces since I’ve been here.  What a blessing.

New Life Recovery Program Graduate

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