03 April 2017

The Miracle Baby

     Would you join me in lifting up my 2911 client, Nya, up in prayer as she is going to be induced for labor on Wednesday?  Her story is so special!  Her last pregnancy was very rough.  When she gave birth, she lost too much blood and the doctors had to break the arms of the baby to get him out.
     Because of this, when she found out she was pregnant again, her doctor told her she needed to get an abortion.  She was told that the baby would not live to full term and that Nya herself would most likely die.
     The doctor said she was too weak to carry this baby and scheduled an abortion date for her in September.  She didn't want to go, but her husband talked her into it.  In the parking lot of the hospital last September, Nya refused to go inside for the abortion.  
     She prayed over a new list of doctors and picked a lady at another hospital.  When Nya finished telling the new OB her story, the doctor shared that she herself believes in Christ and prayed for Nya!  This lady told her that God can see things that doctors aren't even smart enough to see themselves, so Nya was wise to listen to God in her decision.
     The baby boy in her belly has reached six pounds, is active and kicking, and is very healthy!  The doctors have Nya taking extra iron so she will be as strong as possible for the procedure.  She is going in for a c-section as that is the smartest way for her to give birth with her high risk pregnancy.
     The couple has chosen the Sudanese name for the baby of Chudiar, which means "don't worry."  This is such a testimony of the miracles God has up His sleeves!
     Another praise is that Nya was in need of a crib.  After searching around the Timberlake Outreach Center this afternoon, I found one in good condition!  God truly sees every need and He has been with Nya through all of this.  Thank you for your prayers.

Kristin Boll
Community Case Worker

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