06 April 2017

The Power of a Testimony

     This weekend, we had a memorial service for Gary, one of our guests who passed away suddenly.  Afterwards, one of the guys in the New Life Recovery Program came up to talk to me.  He said he did not usually get emotional at funerals, but there was something special about what he heard that day.
     He talked about wanting to get closer to God.  The more we talked, the clearer it became that this man was basing his closeness to God on what he needed to do rather than putting his faith, hope, and trust in what Jesus did for him.
     I shared four simple things with him: God is a holy God, man is wholly full of sin, one day we will all be judged, and that Jesus bore our judgement on the cross.  We discussed these things and he understood what I was saying.  He decided to put his faith, hope, and trust in the work of Jesus Christ.  After we prayed, he knew that he has eternal life in Christ!  There was a genuine smile on his face that wasn't there before. 
     Praise God that for using used the testimony and memorial of Gary to bring someone into the Kingdom of His dear Son! 

Greg Johnston
Health Care Case Manager

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