07 April 2017

Update on Jane Doe

     I have an update on Jane Doe!  A couple of days ago, she came to Open Door Mission for lunch.  Sarah and I were able to talk with her, and she told us that she wanted to stay at the Mission.  Jane was clearly very hungry and even got seconds of her meal.  We gave her many smiles and hugs to help her feel welcome here.
     When I asked her what happened at the hospital, she danced around the question.  I know that staff members took her to the hospital, but I asked her if she had stayed.  She lowered her head and said, “No.”
     Jane has many bruises on her face and neck.  Her voice is still very quiet and she has difficultly speaking.  She said I could go back to work as she finished eating and that she would let me know when she was ready to get checked into the Lydia House.  A couple of minutes later, I watched her go out the back door to catch the shuttle for downtown.
     Please pray for Jane.  She is seeking and knows she is safe at Open Door Mission.  She is afraid of the unknown however, and fear of the unknown is a tool used by Satan.  Pray that she feels the presence of our Lord working around her so she can find her way back to a place at the Lydia House.

Kate Fischer, LIMHP
Health & Healing Center Director

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