12 June 2017

A Moment of Unity

     “Ms. Jessica,” he shouted.  As I turned around, I was greeted by a resident of the North Omaha community.  With a smile on his face, he started helping us hand out sack lunches to other individuals in the community.
     I saw a joy in his eyes and I asked him why he wanted to help us today.  He smiled and said, "I  have been on the receiving end before Ms. Jessica.  I have been hungry.  I have been lonely.  And Open door mission was there for me!  It is my time to help in any way I can."
     His statement and his willingness to assist us touched me deeply.  Before we piled in the van to leave, this man began to lead us all in a prayer.  As he began, we could hear people down the block yelling, “Wait!  Wait!  We want to pray too!”  Several individuals ran to join our prayer circle.
     Today, a man was able to give back what was once given to him.  People were fed, prayed for, and loved on.  For at least a moment today, there was unity, peace, love, and prayer on this North Omaha block.  People from different walks of life, different ages, and different races came together.
     May this moment of unity grow and across the Streets of Omaha as we continue to spread the love of Jesus, one sack lunch at a time.

Jessica Coffey
Volunteer Program Coordinator

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