01 June 2017

Building a Friendship

     I have the opportunity to connect with the men at Open Door Mission every day.  Hearing their testimonies and sharing our stories is something I look forward to most at work. Most of the time, I just love sitting down with the men and listening to what's on their hearts and minds.
     For the men and women at the Mission, making the decision to join the program is the start of building a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Joining the program means a road of hard work and dedication.  Hearing my friends have joined always brings a huge smile to my face, and I am so happy they made that choice to make a difference in their lives.  Better times are ahead.
     My friend Doug is in the New Life Recovery Program, working hard to achieve his goals, and it shows.  He is very much appreciated and respected by the other men, and he shows true commitment in every area of his personal journey.  Recently he was voted for "Above and Beyond" by program staff for all his accomplishments and for having what it takes to be a leader.  He also advanced to the next level for the Journey to Work Program. 
     Doug is a follower of Jesus Christ and he is on track to graduate soon. I am very proud of Doug because he knows what it takes and what he wants. We talk almost every day and check in on how each other are doing.  It's a friendship that we grow in Christ more and more each day. 

Rick Ziegler
Communications Coordinator

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