23 June 2017

Double the Salvation

     Last week, I was passing out medications to our guests, and it seemed like time was barely moving.  After an hour, one of my fellow staff members brought his son who is in the New Life Recovery Program into the Garland Thompson Men’s Center Medication Room to introduce him to me.
     As I spoke with his son, I could see that he looked somewhat forlorn.  We talked and I shared the hope of Christ with him.  I am glad it took me so long to hand out medications that night because I was where I needed to be to have that encounter.  This young man told me knew that he wanted what his dad has, which is salvation through Christ.  He accepted the message of the Gospel and prayed right there to be forgiven and receive Christ as his Savior!  Please pray for this new believer to grow in faith, and to finish the program strong.
     A couple of days later, we did not have a team come in to lead chapel, so I volunteered to preach.  One thing to know about me is that I'll preach at a drop of a hat and I'll drop my hat to preach!
When He saw the crowds, He had compassion on them.
--Matthew 9:36a
     I shared out of Matthew 9:35-38.  It's the passage about Jesus seeing the multitude in their desperate need and needing to have a Shepherd.  By God's grace, He enabled me to preach a clear Gospel.
     One of the men in our emergency services named Tom came up to me after the service and wanted prayer.  The cool thing is that one of our other men who is the New Life Recovery Program came up and asked Tom, "Do you know for sure that you have Jesus in heart as your Savior?”  Tom did not.  The three of us talked about that a little more, and then I asked Tom if he wanted to pray and accept Christ as his Savior.  He did, confessed his sins, and turned away from following false gods.
     Salvation again tonight!  Pray for Tom to grow in his relationship with Christ.

Greg Johnston
Health Care Case Manager

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