02 June 2017

The Boy With A Compassionate Heart

     Last year I had the privilege of leading a youth group from Kansas on street outreach. A boy named Parker had encounter after encounter with the people we serve on the streets. On this hot summer afternoon, Parker's view of homelessness and poverty changed. He grew a love for the people that we serve.
     As Parker and his youth group prepared to leave after the day of serving, I thanked them and I knew they were walking away with a new perspective.
     One year later, this same group from Kansas (including Parker) came back to the Mission to serve! Parker's mom came with him this time and she told me that Parker had been so blessed last time he was here. When he went back home last year and had to pick a project for Eagle Scouts, he chose to raise items for Open Door Mission.
     Parker stood outside Walmart, church, Scouts, and even sent letters to family members asking for donations. Parker and his family raised over $1,200 in which he took to the store and purchased sunscreen, water, lotion, soap, and other urgent needs.
     When I asked Parker why he chose to do this he said that he had been impacted by serving and he wanted to make a change.
     Every day, Streets of Omaha volunteers are making a difference in the lives of the people we serve, one sack lunch at a time. And often we find the we serve make a difference in the lives of those serving as well.

Jessica Coffey
Volunteer Program Coordinator

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