26 June 2017

The Heart of Jesus

     As I looked down at his feet, I saw blisters and cuts, and my heart immediately felt heavy.  That heaviness soon became lighter, when one of the volunteers bent over to put a pair of sandals on this young man’s feet.  I felt tears fall down my face because in this moment I was witnessing the true heart of Jesus.  All I could do was stand there in complete awe.
     As this young man took a sack lunch from Open Door Mission’s Streets of Omaha volunteers, he was receiving much more than a sandwich.  He was being shown how much Jesus loves him!
     We prayed with him and hugged him good bye.  As we drove away, he had a smile on his face.  I believe that he truly saw the heart that Jesus has for him that day.
     On the Streets of Omaha team, we witness these precious moments every day.  How?  One sack lunch at a time.

Jessica Coffey
Volunteer Program Coordinator

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