13 June 2017

The Promise of God's Plan

     Attending Open Door Mission's last Graduation ceremony was so uplifting to me.  Hearing the testimonies and watching the graduates speak with their heads held high is a blessing in so many ways.  My thoughts went directly to, "We are ALL growing in God's Love.”
     Many men and women in the program are excited to fulfill their dreams and get their lives back on track.  This is the promise of God's plan for their lives!  God makes all things new with a fresh start, and lets them know that they have a purpose and a future.
     I am encouraged to see the growth throughout each journey, and to see where God has had a hand in it all.  The clean slate, fresh start, endless blessings, and God's love are all a part of how the power of Jesus CAN change lives!
     Be sure to attend our next Graduation ceremony on Saturday, June 24 at 10:00 a.m.!

Rick Ziegler
Communications Coordinator

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