30 June 2017

Transforming Culture...Part 2

Continued from Thursday, 6/29

     But how hard is that?  Our natural default is to be negative.  The current tone in America is to be negative.  Many Christians have become like Babylonians, reflecting the culture around us instead of transforming the culture and setting a new tone a tone of positivity and justice.  God wants us to set a brand new tone. 
     We have to be people that hear and listen to the voice of God because the enemy will come after us. 
“We don’t really have an option to sit on the sidelines because generations after us need Jesus.  We need to invest our lives in things that matter and give life, the benefit will be there in our generation and generations to come and that’s what we get to be part of and why we need to be a pioneering people.”  —Aaron Coe, Passion City Church
     Some days I am so guilty of just biding my time, instead of building where I am planted.  I often have to ask myself, “God, am I building something here with what You have given me or am I wishing to be somewhere else?”
     It’s a good reminder that God has called us to be change agents.  He has called us to change the culture around us, not just conform to it.  We are to give people a reason to have hope in God!  And we are to be people that hear the voice of God and listen to it!
     Like in the verses of Jeremiah, God is calling us today to build and settle where He has us.  I pray that we would be people who set a new tone in our culture.  I pray that we would not get bogged down by our culture, but instead know that God has placed us in this moment to set a tone for positivity and justice.  Amen!

Trudy Woodward
Permanent Supportive Housing Director

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