14 June 2017

When Work is a Privilege, Not A Chore

    Why do I continue to work at the Lydia House?  Even when times get hard?  Because to me, when I am at the Lydia House, it isn't "work.”  Not ever!  I am blessed that God assigned me to serve Him there, and through Him I try to serve each Lydia House guest with love.  My position is not a chore, but a privilege. 
     People ask me all the time why I'm so happy all the time.  I tell them it's the joy of the Lord gushing out of me.  And that opens wide the door of opportunity to tell them what God has done for me and that He wants to do the same for them. 
     I used to be an alcoholic, drug addict, incarcerated, was severely abused, lived at the Lydia House, graduated the New Life Recovery Program, and relapsed after years of sobriety.  But by God’s grace, I have been clean and sober over nine years now!
     When I share this with Lydia House guests, it’s difficult for them to believe it, but it gives them hope!  That's the hope they can daily have in Jesus!  My love for God, my story, and His joy in me has been a great witnessing tool, and I'm blessed to share it with others! 
     So when I come to work at the Lydia House, I come excited, ready, and expecting God to use me mightily for His glory!  I'm not ashamed of Jesus, His Word, or being on fire for Him!  I thank Him that my mess is His message. 
     Meet our guests exactly where they are and see them through the eyes of Christ and watch God work!

Family Support Worker

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