30 May 2006

Sunless in Seattle

Open Door Mission - AGRM Conference in Seattle WA You have heard of Sleepless in Seattle. This has been Sunless in Seattle. But the sun has come out this morning. I have been able to see more scenery today then in the whole last four days together. I have finally seen the mountain. But it just doesn't measure up to cornfields:)
I have to mention that the opening night was fabulous. The special speaker was a former football player form the Seattle SeaHawks, HUTCH, Ron Hutcherson. He was inspirational and motivational.

I worshipped at the St. Elizabeth Episcopal Church on Sunday with my great Aunt Lib. We had so much fun visiting together. She is an artist. I was able to see her art work in a small gallery in Burien. The heritage that families can capture in their elders is forgotten often. I loved the old family stories.

Back on the homefront, at Open Door Mission things are running smoothly. How I know is because I have not received any phone calls. I heard that in the Omaha World Herald their was a story about a homeless man's life that has been changed. He is a successful business man in Chicago. Did you read it? Everyday, lives are changed at the Open Door Mission.

Hoping to see the inside of Macy's tomorrow.

25 May 2006

Annual Conference

Open Door Mission - Space Needle in SeattleI will be flying to Seattle to attend the National Association of Gospel Rescue Missions conference. This is always an encouraging learning experience. I will be blogging from there, updates.

Thinking of the upcoming Memorial Day and reflecting. The Open Door Mission has had two guests die this past quarter. Who will be remembering them and other forgotten ones? I know that I will.

23 May 2006

WAHOO first comments posted..

Well, I never thought that the price of gas would prompt someone to comment. This is awesome:)

The Open Door Mission would love volunteers to donate their time and resources picking up donated items. Perhaps, right in your neighborhood or from your local church parking lot. This would allow the Open Door Mission to be better stewards of their resources. If you would like more information on this volunteer opportunity or others contact Open Door missions Volunteer Manager at volunteer@opendoormission.org

Golfing for a cause could be this past weekends theme. The Applied Underwriters and Alpha Sigma Omega Sorority held golf tournaments to benefit the Lydia House. Infact, Yvonne and one of our board members, Jim, golfed in the tournaments. I shouldn't comment on Yvone's talent, hacker, but our board members foursome won.

18 May 2006

Gas not Cheap

This is pretty nifty.

Just enter your zipcode in the site below, and it tells you which gas stations have the cheapest prices ( and the highest) on gas in your zipcode area. The site is updated every evening. Just click on the link. You will see a map of your area. Then scroll down and you will get a listing of gas prices in your area including addresses and brands starting with the cheapest.



The sun is shining brightly, today. Amazingly, the weather man reports close to a high of 90 degrees.

Last night, I met with friends for dinner at Johnny's Steakhouse in Village Point. I highly recommend this restaurant. The atmosphere is inviting and the food is great. Try the tilapia or salmon:)

This morning, juggling ministry and family responsibilities, I attended my daughter's Preschool Finale. She was the lamb in Mary Had A Little Lamb. So cute.... All of my children will be done school this week. The childen at the Lydia House will finish up next week.

Wishing you a bright and sunny day in your life.

17 May 2006

Break In...

What a morning....Staff found the front door side window of the Administration building busted out. Apparently, last night, at approximately 2:00 a.m someone threw a brick through the window. We do not have all the details, yet. But God's hand of protection was on the Open Door Mission because the person or persons did not do any damage or take anything. God is so good.

As I mentioned in a prior blog, I visited Dunlap,IA for a Ladies Tea. You can view the slide show on my favorite links. You will notice the large gravel pile has disappeared in our Administration parking lot. The gravel that sat all winter is filling in pot holes. Day Camp preperations are in full swing. The Open Door Mission will host 300 children this summer. We still have a need for Day Camp staff if you know of any High School or College Students. Infact, we have several employment opportunities that you can view by clicking on Job Opportunities on the home page of the website.

12 May 2006

WOW, What a WEEK:)

This week has been fantastic.

The kick- off was the Open Door Mission's Clergy Appreciation Luncheon. It was an opportunity to say," thank you" to more than 65 clergy guests. To show our deep appreciation for their support in "Lives Being Changed."

On Tuesday, in Dunlap, IA., I spoke to more than 50 ladies at the Annual Community Ladies Tea. I look forward to seeing the photo's of this event. I will be posting them at a later date.

The Open Door Mission is busy Spring Cleaning, inside and out. Open Door Mission's "Keep Omaha Beautiful" team is busy picking up garbage outside the Mission, all the way down Locust and Abbott Drive to the downtown and Gene Leahy Mall area. This is an opportunity for the guests of Open Door Mission to do community service and say, "thank you" to the community for their support.

On Saturday, the Pancake Man will be serving up breakfast to more than 320 men, women and children. Then in the afternoon, the Harley Davidson Club will be arriving with items from their Spring drive such as food, furniture and clothing. Exciting:)

All week, the Community Services department has been handing out Mother's Day baskets to women. These women are seeking assistance and in need of food, furniture or clothing. They live in their own homes trying to make ends meet.

Don't forget to honor special women in your life on Sunday:)

05 May 2006

New Employee's Today

Good Afternoon,

It is always an exciting day when a new staff member joins the team at the Open Door Mission. But even more exciting, when the new employee has graduated from the Open Door Mission's New Life Recovery Program. You can learn more about two of our newest employees by clicking on Open Door Mission's newsletters. Read about George and Amy's stories.

Have a blessed weekend:)

04 May 2006

Good Afternoon

Open Door Mission - GraduationThe sun is shining, today. The days are getting longer and full of activity here at Open Door Mission and Lydia House. My feet are just starting to hit the ground after the awesome celebration on the weekend. The Open Door Mission Board, staff, volunteers, guests and family celebrated while more than 17 men, women, and children graduated from the New Life recovery and Resident Rehabilitation programs on Saturday. For many participating in the cap and gown ceremony, it was completing a program and then continuing to be committed to life change.

Yesterday, more than 50 of the Lydia House ladies were pampered through Spa Day sponsored by the Open Door Mission Ladies' Auxiliary. Community volunteers provided manicures, pedicures, hair cuts and styles, make overs, Beauty First and Mary Kay products and much more.

Today, is National Day of Prayer, join me and others at Westside Church at 7:00 p.m. and/or say a prayer, right now for others,the poor, the hungry and homeless, the media, the war, the government and leaders, education, the family, the unborn, the church etc...

Keep Looking Up:)