29 June 2006

Summer of Hope

Summer of Hope Radio-athonYesterday, started at 4 a.m. I almost thought my alarm was playing a joke on me. But I rolled out literally and almost fell onto the floor. Also, not being a coffee drinker pried my eyes open. Then jumped in the shower, the blood started pumping. The adrenaline was flowing with excitement for our first Summer of Hope Radio-athonSummer of Hope Radio Thon. This morning, was a repeat of the above. It is amazing to hear the men and women's testimonies of changed lives through Christ. God is so good.

27 June 2006

Heat Wave

Goodness when it rains it pours. The heat is upon us and what happens, not one but two air conditioning units break down. Both need replaced not repaired due to being ancient. One in the Lydia House and the other in the Outreach Center. The windows are open and the fans are blowing. Pray that we will be able to locate a low bid to stretch our dollars. The summer months are hard with the spike in numbers in client services coupled with donations being low. Hoping that you will be tuning into the Summer of Hope radio a thon. This Wednesday on KGBI 100.7 FM and on Thursday on KCRO 660 AM.

23 June 2006

Pastor Tom for Candace

Pastor Tom
It seems like when it is this close to our nation's Independence Day, my mind always turns to those who have made our freedoms possible - our nation's military veterans. I guess that's because I am a Vietnam Veteran myself. I salute those dedicated men and women - the best our nation has, who are now serving in our military, and those who have served before them.

I especially remember however, the faces of those homeless Vets that I see here at Open Door Mission everyday. We serve a great number of our nation's veterans from many wars - but mostly from the Vietnam War. For a number of reasons, they just have never been able to completely come home . You can see it in their faces - their eyes that cannot come into contact with yours, the distant look that betrays a broken spirit.

I am so thankful that I work with a dedicated group of people who are living out a life of compassion for these and other individuals who find themselves tied up in life's circumstances. At one time these invisible vets had the best their country could offer. They had the best military hardware, the best training, and the best resources that the world's greatest democracy could give them. Things are indeed different for many now.

Aren't you glad that God remembers and keeps the books! Every Veteran's Day, at Open Door Mission we have a special Veterans Chapel service. ODM staff members, who are veterans themselves, invite homeless vets to come up on stage and introduce themselves and tell others the branch of service they were in and when. Then we pin a small American Flag on the chest or each vet. I wish you could see the sparkle in their eyes! Wow - after many long and sometimes lonely years, someone just says thanks for what you did for your country .

Last year we had 83 vets on stage. This year in many ways, I would like to see 500! But a bigger part of me would like to see none. You see, I remember that these brothers and sisters in arms are not just vets, they are also homeless.

22 June 2006

Patti C. in for Candace

Its been a busy day here at Open Door Mission. The sun is shining outside and the Son is shining on our ministry. I have had the opportunity to call churches today and speak with the pastors about the possible partnerships for an Open Door Mission speaker to come and share a Mission Moment during a Sunday morning worship service. What a privilege it has been to share with the pastors what Open Door Mission is doing on a daily basis and a greater privilege the Lord is providing open Sunday services for us to speak at! Its been a great day of fellowship here at Open Door Mission. We'd love to give you a tour of the mission and fellowship with you. Please give me a call at your convenience at 402-422-1111 Ext 1515 to set up a tour time. As I sign off to spend time with my family, I just want to take a moment to say THANK YOU for being a part of the Open Door Mission family!
Patti Cummings
Executive Assistant

21 June 2006

Cultivating Hearts

Wow, an exciting morning. And I am not talking about my drive to West Omaha and getting to 120th street, either. Although, that could be a hot topic. I spent most of the morning at KCRO radio. The Open Door Mission is partnering with Cultivating Hearts ministry to provide a radio program together. You can tune in on Saturday nights on 660AM at 6:30 p.m. I would love your feedback on the show,what you would like to hear about, and more, drop me an email at cgregory@opendoormission.org

Believe it or not, the Open Door Mission is preparing for the Holidays. We are clearing out the warehouse to make room for Turkey and Fixin boxes and Operation Santa assembly lines. Immediately, following Back to School Bash, we will start preparations for the Holidays. It takes approximately 3 to 4 months of preparation. Who would have thunk. Now you know.

20 June 2006

Operation Bedtime

Excitingly, Operation Bedtime just dropped off more than 2,000 adult and children books to the Open Door Mission and Lydia House. This is a fabulous program by Michael and Debbie Schmidt. Watch channels 6 and 42 to find out more tonight. Many of these books will be used in our Learning Centers and Day Camp.

This past weekend, we had a group from the First Church of the Nazarene in Co. Bluffs volunteer on Saturday morning. They did a great job, I might be partial since it is my home church. Some helped prepare and serve lunch, some played with the children and some sorted clothes and put our household goods in the Outreach Center. It was awesome to see adults and children working along side each other.

Thank you to Tom at NPDodge:) Tom donated College World Series tickets so that the men in the recovery program could attend a game, this week. This is an awesome highlight for the men.

12 June 2006

Cool Down

How refreshing to have a cool day no matter that it won't last. Blessing come one by one.

Excitingly, we are preparing for Guys Night In to celebrate Father's Day. Each man, at the Open Door Mission is someone's son or a father. Many can be unloveable and untouchable at times. But all have the opportunity to have HOPE, in Christ.

Believe it or not. Is Open Door Mission preparing for the Holidays? More to come tomorrow.

09 June 2006


It has been an up and down week in the life of RESCUE ministry, God's ways and will are not always mine or should I say I am not in sync sometimes:( But God's plans are always better than mine:)

A highlight for the week was the delivery of the Open Door Mission Panhandler Cards to the downtown business district. We are encouraging the community to not give out money or food to panhandlers. In return, we have great business cards that promote free food, shelter, clothing, transportation, etc.. at the Open Door Mission which includes a map. If you would like some for yourself please email . She would be happy to get some to you.

If you are a volunteer bare with us as we restructure our volunteer department. Yet, keep in mind your time is valuable to the Open Door Mission and together Lives are Changed. The volunteer department would love your calls at 402-1111 ext 1202.

Have a fabulous weekend.

03 June 2006

Home on the Range

Open Door Mission Back home safe and sound. I will take humid and hot temperatures any day over rain. I think I only saw the sun twice while in Seattle for a week. Excitingly, I was able to participate in an intensive seminar on leadership. The presenter was Del Maxfield a well known name in RESCUE. I look forward to posting photo's the first of the week.

I was able to take a quick tour around the main building on Friday night. Many of you prayed for staff member Jim Briggs. Jim was in a car accident and broke his neck. Jim has returned to work in the food service department. Amazingly, through God's grace he is healing.

Open Door MissionTomorrow morning, I will be at First Church of the Nazarene, in Co. Bluffs, and Prairie Lane VBS, in the evening. Each day, hundreds of pounds of laundry is washed, dryed, and folded at the Open Door Mission. As I am logging off to go do laundry, I am blessed to only have two loads to do....