16 September 2007

Weekend Works

On Saturday Sepember 15th, 2007,The Morris Family beat the Gregory Family to the set up for the National Kids Day Event. The Open Door Mission is so blessed that so many of their staff's family are an extension of the ministry team.

Scott, Open Door Mission's Volunteer and Partner Director's Husband, was busy setting up a canopy to protect the Open Door Mission booth from the wind and possible rain. It worked great. This was a tremendous blessing that we have not had in the past for outside events

The children attending the event seemed to enjoy the Open Door Mission's bean bag game. There were as many as 20 children in line at times. Each child, was given an opportunity to throw three bean bags at the Open Door Mission purple and yellow house, in attempt to get it through the heart. Sam and Seth Morris and Steven Gregory were full time busy with facilitating the game. The Open Door Mission wooden house is really getting a workout. It originally was designed for parade floats and had children standing inside waving from the windows and doors. Each child, received a Hobart coloring page, phone a story flyer and a hunt in the Open Door Mission's pirate chest for treasure, too.

Chris Morris, Open Door Mission's Volunteer and Partner Director, and I were full time busy untangling cross necklaces. Amazingly, many of the children waited patiently for a cross necklace rather than a trinket or candy from the Treasure Chest. The majority of the children and families attending the event were members of the Boys and Girls Clubs from Omaha/ Co. Bluffs. Since many of the children waited well over 10 minutes inline, Chris and I were able to ask questions about attendence of Church, Sunday School, etc. I cannot count how many times we were asked by children, " Why is Jesus not on the cross? or " Where is Jesus?" Through penny cross necklaces, all tangled up, God presented divine appointments to share that "He Lives."

This afternoon, Charity Watts, Lydia House Director and I had the opportunity to participate at the 3rd Annual Out of Darkness Walk A Thon at the Gallup University Campus. There were more than 500 walkers. Before the walk started we were able to mingle with participants at the brochure table. I was one of many guest speakers at the opening ceremony. This event brings awareness and education to mental illness and suicide, in our community. It was an opportunity to thank many of our mental health partners that collaberate with the Open Door Mission to provide mental health services to the hungry and homeless.

13 September 2007

Whirlwind of a week

Wow, do you ever wake up and think, "Where does the time go?" That is exactly what this week feels like. The cool weather has arrived and with it a breath of fresh air to keep on keepin on. Kind of like keep the fire burning or the light on but in the Open Door Mission's case keep the coffee brewing and food a cookin. Currently, we are serrving approximately 1386 hot nutritious meals, each day.

Excitingly, God is answering many of our staffing prayers and providing Godly team members with a passion to serve God through the homeless and poverty stricken, in our community.

The Open Door Mission's new Community Relations Director has begun training. Damon will be speaking on homeless and poverty issues with an anti drug pro school message. The Open Door Mission speaks at many schools, businesses, civic groups, churches, etc.. Please give us a call to book a speaker at 829-1505. Maggie would be happy to assist you.

This Saturday is National Kids Day. Children are a Blessing from God. The Open Door Mission will be participating with a booth at a free carnival located at 72nd and Ames. I encourage you and your family and friends to come out and enjoy some quality time together. The event is free and is from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. There will be all kinds of games at booths with prizes, arts and crafts, face painting, food and more.

04 September 2007

Comments from a Volunteer in Action

Open Door Mission - Day of CaringTo all at O.D.M.,

I thank our Lord Jesus for doing the will of our Father God,by which we are saved. I also thank God for you and all those that have the Fathers heart for the lost and lonely, those needing a home not built by human hands, just by love. For that is the Fathers will, My prayers for you all, are that the love and light of our Father God will penetrate the hearts of all those around you, with hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11).

Open Door Mission - Day Of CaringThank you all again for allowing my friends Joshua and Michael and I, with Salt & Light Mission Relief to join in serving on the 18th & 19th of August and I pray God will allow us to do so again.

Faith, hope and love,

In Christ,
Patrick Dean