28 March 2008

Greetings from Open Door Mission's Timberlake Outreach Center

Greetings from the Timberlake Outreach Center! It has been a busy week here, serving the community. For all of those who do not know, the Timberlake Outreach Center has a free clothing program, free furniture program and we also offer food pantries and diapers.

We usually start our days off by praying together for the people coming in and for our day. What a blessing it is to be able to do that!!! Once prayer is done, there are many things going on. We have people coming in for food pantries, people signing up for Kings Kloset, people getting diapers for their children and people coming in for furniture appointments.

With the price of gas going up, the price of food is going up and it is hurting the people that we serve. We are seeing a lot of people who just cannot make ends meet, so it seems that we are doing more food pantries each day.

It is so awesome how God draws people to Himself. I have seen more and more people coming in that have not been here before and it is a great opportunity to share Christ with them while helping them with their needs.
I have the opportunity to keep sharing with folks that while they are going through tough times, as I have, God is continually working and He is molding and shaping us for how He is going to use us and what a blessing it is to be able to go through the storm and come out on the other side and then look back and see how God has used that time in our life!!!

Also, I would like to share that we are busy preparing for Dan Applegate’s birthday on Monday (March 31st)! We have such a great boss and we all feel so blessed to have him as a Leader!!! God is so good to all of us here at the Timberlake Outreach Center!

Amy Grills

26 March 2008

Much Thanks !!!!!!!!

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the car that the Open Door Mssion has given to me. After changing the oil and replacing a headlight, I drove it back home to spend time with my grandbabies. They grow up so fast with the oldest being 14yrs old and the youngest 8 1/2 months. I really enjoyed the time I was able to spend with them.

Anyway…..After putting 500 miles on my car, it runs great. Thank you once again.

Blessings, B

Annual Prayer Breakfast

Thank you for allowing me to represent Open Door Mission at the Leadership Prayer Breakfast. I went with intentions of blessing our program women with a special event. But God.... The laughter of the comedian and then the touching testimony of the keynote speaker made it truly a joy filled and healing Good Friday for me. The speaker's testimony included similar experiences to my childhood background and God used that to fill my heart and mind with a deeper gratitude of the Resurrection Power He has done in my life! Hallelujah!

A day with Open Door Mission's Men's Aftercare Case Manger

If there is such thing as an “average day”, it probably goes something like this…
I arrive at work and check my email and voice mail messages as well as any documents in my in-box. I usually connect with other staff members to learn of any recent developments involving Men’s Ministry. I determine which of these matters is of greatest importance, and address those first, such as returning phone calls, etc.
Every week I teach at least one “life skills” class in the New Life Program, so once or twice a week I will prepare for that class or classes and write a quiz for the following week.
I work with two types of clients in aftercare: those men who are on the Advanced Level and about to graduate from one of our programs, and those who are graduates no longer living in the Lydia House.
The men on Advanced level have certain requirements that must be met in order to graduate, such as obtaining a Social Security card, a valid Driver’s license or state ID card. Often there are factors that prevent them from obtaining these important items, and we work together to resolve those issues, whether legal, financial, etc. Sometimes we encounter a bewildering list of “hoops” to jump through, but we do whatever is required to make sure that they have the “tools” they need in order to succeed on the outside. This can involve spending time on the phone, searching the internet, writing letters and faxing documents.
Working with men who are already graduated is quite different in that the requirements change substantially, since this is a voluntary commitment on their part. Often I meet them at their home or a restaurant, or even their place of work for a
time of connecting with them to see how they are doing, and what we can do to be of help. Some of them are in very poor health and/ or in need of basic items or even transportation. We have wonderful resources available to us through the Open Door Mission, and it is a real pleasure to assist our graduates in this manner.
In every case, I put together a “case plan” to document the plans and goals of my clients, and this can involve a lot of time.
My work is varied, interesting, sometimes heart-breaking and often challenging, and no two days are exactly alike. It involves working with people in all kinds of situations, and, being a “people person”, this is right up my alley.
I thank God for the honor of serving Him in this capacity!

Dick Arant
Aftercare Case Manager for the Open Door Mission

The Life of a Case Manager in Men's Emergency Services

Being a Case Manager in Men's Emeregency Services area at the Open Door Mission is the highlight of my life. I meet with clients on a one on one basis, and we develop professional relationships. Some clients that I meet with are not ready to move on, but some are. When clients are ready to make an effort to get out of the Open Door Mission, I get the privalage to help them walk with the lord and accomplish many things. Some of my clients are going to school full time, some are working full time, a lot have moved on with there lives already and some are still waiting to figure out what to do next. When one of my clients accomplish something, no matter how big or small, I accomplish it to. When I get home and night I have to shut myself off, because I am thinking so many different ways I can help individuals. Like tomorrow I am taking a client to meet with his D.H.H.S. worker, and we are going to sit down and put our minds together and figure out a game plan to improve his situation. No matter what a client and I have accomplished we have to give the glory to the Lord.

24 March 2008

Lydia House Director

Hi Everyone,

Greeting from your Lydia House Director Charity Watts. I feel so privileged to be able to share with you some wonderful things going on at the LH.
It’s exciting to tell you that we are completely full on our New Life and Journey to Work Programs what a blessing to be able to reach 13 families and 8 single women on a daily basis.

Our Program members are going to classes daily from 8-4 just like you and I putting in a full day accept they are working full time on Recovery from life altering addiction, domestic violence, mental heath issues and I could go on and on. The Journey to Work program which began only two year ago has seen many graduates prosper through the classes, such as professional development, conflict resolution and anger management.
I would like to invite you to come to our Graduation on April 5th at 11am to hear their life changing testimonies and where they are headed in the future.

On Graduation day we also have some ladies attending a special seminar with presenter Dee Johnston, you know her by her Healing Hearts Ministry and through your donations we are able to send several women to Breaking the Unhealthy Cycles …a life changing workshop.

This month I also got to spend some time at Benson Baptist Church meeting many wonderful women who were gracious and kind to me and treated me to the most wonderful food and fellowship for their international mission’s day both here and beyond. They also loaded up my Jeep with so many donations I could not see out the back.

Well so long for now, hope to talk to you again in the future. You can also catch me on the radio for Inside the Open Door on the 27th from
4 p.m.-5p.m. on KCRO 660 AM. I am sure to have lively guests.

Blessing in Christ

A typical Day in the LIfe of a Child At the Open Door Mission

A typical day in the life of a child At the ODM

(7a.m.)First I get up and thank the lord for a brand new day. I do my hygiene and get dress preparing myself for a day of school. (7:20) I eat a well nourishing breakfast and hurry to the gate (7:45) where I wait for my school bus. (4 p.m.) After school the bus drop me off back at the Open Door Mission. After checking in with my parent(s) we go to eat dinner (4:15). After dinner (5:00) is the best part of the day because I get to go the Computer lab and the Bright Spaces for fun and games, but not before I sit down and do my homework with the Omaha Public School tutors and Open Door Mission volunteers, and children and youth team. After about an hour of studying its time for fun! On some nights I get to play games on the computers, or go to bible clubs where we learn about God and how to live as a young Christian. Time goes so fast and before you know its time for bed (8:00). That’s okay though because tomorrow I’ll do it all again.

21 March 2008

Open Door Mission's Director of Community Services

My name is Dan Applegate. I have the priviledge of being the director of community services at the Open Door Mission. I would like to share a few happenings from the Timberlake Outreach Center. On a monthly basis, it is not unusual for us to serve upwards of 5,000 people. That is a huge number but that just shows you how great the need is in metro area. At the Timberlake Outreach Center, we have 6 full-time dedicated staff that ministers to these families needs. We assist people with clothing, food pantry's, furniture items and of course prayer five days a week.

In the month of march we are offering various life skills classes in our learning center. esl classes, ged/tutoring and parenting skills are just a few of the topic available. We also assist mothers with diapers. If you have young children, this is a constant. We feel this makes a big impact on the families budget. Recently we hosted a community give-a-way where we invited hard working families to come shop at the Timberlake Outreach Ccenter. It was a great day and very gratifying to see all the smiles.a special thanks to all the volunteers who help us make this happen. Pleae come by sometime for a tour or to learn about volunteer opportunities. Thanks for reading and God bless you all.

Open Door Mission's Communications Coordinator

My name is Maggie Cope and I have an interesting and exciting new job at Open Door Mission-I am the Communications Coordinator. You may ask just what does a communications coordinator do. Well it is a job where I get to talk to all our wonderful donors, partners and volunteers setting up drives and speaking engagements every day. I get to make contact with civic leaders, groups and organizations and tell them how honored Open Door Mission would be to come and share all the wonderful things that are happening at the mission. It is a privilege to call on pastors, of big and small churches, so we can share an Open Door Mission Moment or offer Pulpit Supply (during that well deserved vacation) for their congregation. I get to work along side some of the volunteer groups, especially the senior groups, that come to the mission. I have fun setting up “in-house” events for brunches, luncheons and special tours, such as Ham-n-Tour and Turkey-n-Tour. I love doing the behind the scenes work and making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. But for me, the best part of all is I get to work with all the different departments at Open Door Mission and talk to some very wonderful people from the community. It is a joy to see how God is taking the few small talents I have and use them to His Glory and to help change the lives of clients and those who heart is for the Open Door Mission. Please call me-I would love to talk to you about you too can make a difference and change lives.

19 March 2008

Omaha Beef Can Opener

Not only did the Omaha Beef win their opening football game, on Saturday night BUT they had time earlier in the day to volunteer and maje a difference in the community adn bring in more than 1,000 pounds of food. Go Omaha Beef...

Eggstra Special Egg Hunt

Although, it was cold on the outside, it was toasty warm on the inside of the Open Door Mission. Hundreds of children and their families attended Saturdays Eggstra Special Egg Hunt. Each family, decorated hard boiled eggs and listened to the EASTER story through the Resurrection Egg message. All of the children then hunted for those plastic Easter eggs full of candy and small toys. Each family, then had the opportunity to visit the Timberlake Outreach Center and supplement their income through gently used clothes, household items and products donated by Oriental Trading.

12 March 2008

Celebrate Education

Good Afternoon on this sunny and warm possibly soon to be Spring Day,

Last evening, on my way to Celebrate Education I had the opportunity to spend some time in Men's Ministries Emergency Services. I shot hoops so badly that I decided to take a shot a dominoes for awhile. But I did not do much better at that:( I truly enjoy the time that I have with the people we serve to hear about their day to day lives, encourage them and show the love of Christ.

I finally headed over to the chapel for Celebrate Education. This is a wonderful partnership with the Southwest Kiwanis Club and Omaha Public Schools. The children and their parents first were treated to a fabulous pizza party before the ceremony. Then Munroe Middle School Choir performed in their new outfits that looked as smashing as they sounded. We are so blessed.
Dr. Mackiel and others awarded each child with a diploma for scholastic achievement in school. The closing consisted of cookies and punch for everyone involved.

Well, I am on to my next appointment. Following a American Business Women's Association meeting, I will be on the radio at 7:30 a.m. with the Omaha Beef promoting the Can Opener below.

10 March 2008

Ham and Tour

Ham N TourHam
Ham N TourIt may have been Ham and Tour on Sunday for many but for others it was
a great day to volunteer from preparing to serving meals to making children
at the Open Door Mission feel very special.

07 March 2008

Ultra Chic Lydia House Benefit

The Open Door Mission's Lydia House proudly accepted a $2,000.00 donation from the Ultra Chic Prom Boutique Event. This was a fabulous fundraiser that was alot of fun. Max I. Walker collected and cleaned prom and dinner dresses during the fall of 2007. Hundreds of dresses were sold for an economical value of $ 15.00 and the proceeds benefited the Open Door Mission's Lydia House. A special thank you to 94.1 and Envoy for promoting this event.

Hearts of Hope

Recently, I had an opportunity to celebrate the 2007 Changed Lives at the Open Door Mission Hearts of Hope Luncheon. As you can see it was alot of fun.
But it makes me think of the lives that are to be changed in 2008. People are Hungry for Food and Hungry for New Life. There were more than 335,841 meals provided to the hungry and homeless in 2007. How many will be served in 2008? The Open Door Mission needs 446 pounds of protein per. day for hot nutritious meals. That is 162,790 pounds per year annually. This does not include the 56 pounds of luncheon meat used for sack lunches, daily, which equals more than 20,440 pounds per. year annually. It is simply mind boggling. Thank God for faithful donors and volunteers that make it ALL happen.

Jeremy Camp Concert

Well, I really not sure what the BIG deal was but my staff sure thought this was great concert at the QWEST. Did you?

05 March 2008

Thanks Seniors

On Tuesday February 26th, I had the privledge of spending the day at Skutt High talking to the Seniors. I was able to share with them about homelessness and poverty and how the Open Door Mission helps break the cycle of homelessness.
I was able to speak to 4 different classes and each time I spoke you could hear a pin drop because the students were listening and responding to what I was sharing. All 4 classes asked some really good questions and really care about the problem of homelessness and poverty.
Last year the students came to the Open Door Mission for a tour and a meal. The students did not want to do that this year because they did not want to take money away from the homeless and they felt by coming and having a meal at the Open Door Mission that is what htey would be doing.
Instead they knew it cost $1.92 for a meal at the Open Door Mission. They got a gallon milk container and passed it around during all 4 classes for the students to raise money for the Open Door Mission. They rasied a total of $225.09 which is awesome.
I want to personally send a big thank you out to all the seniors at Skutt High and the effort they made to raise that money of the Open Door Mission

James Cummings

04 March 2008

TE@M Students Volunteer at Open Door Mission

Instructor Carri Dyer and a group of prospective teachers from Metropolitan Community College's http://www.mccneb.edu/team/ coordinated a service learning project at Omaha’s Open Door Mission on Monday, Feb. 25. The students helped cook, clean, prepare food, serve food and serve drinks for more than 300 men, women and children. They also packed more than 300 sack lunches that will be distributed to many of Omaha’s homeless.
The Open Door Mission serves more than 1,500 hot meals per day and provides fellowship, education and a warm place to stay. For more information about the Open Door Mission and the many services they provide, visit their web site.