15 September 2008

Four Year Old Child Makes A Big Difference!

By Steve Lund, Volunteer Associate at Open Door Mission

I was privileged enough to talk to one of our finest volunteers today; a very nice lady who comes in about every week with a great attitude and does a very good job in our kitchen.Anyway, as we got into discussing life, spirituality and relationships, she mentioned the value of always looking for the good in people and in situations.

Now, as much I realize the importance of this, I'm not sure I'm as faithful in putting it into practice -- a shame, because it really is vital to our character and our relationships with others! I consider myself a bit of a realist -- I won't ignore a bad situation and pretend my problems don't exist in order to remain positive -- but there's a difference between foolish optimism and DECIDING to see the things that are good in people or in your life despite what may be bad. Because the truth is that there are a lot of good people in the world and there are a lot of good things that happen.

Just this last week I was a witness to an extraordinary act of genuine kindness..A mother and her four-year-old daughter came in to the Open Door Mission to donate several brand new toys and items for the kids and families -- quite a blessing in itself! However, while talking with them both about why they decided to bring these new items in we discovered much more to the story, and much more beneath the surface of a timid and shy four-year-old girl.

Apparently, mom had been in a situation earlier in her life that had put her near homelessness, and being able to identify with that sort of helpless situation, had instilled in her daughter, Abigail, the values of helping those in need and sharing with those who have less.

Abigail decided all on her own that she wanted to help homeless children, and give them the kinds of brand new toys that she wanted herself. So she collected her parents' old soda cans for about a year and a half, in addition to the neighbors, turning them in for money, and sold lemonade at a garage sale. She ended up raising well over $300 that she and her mom used to buy enough brand new items and toys to fill up their SUV!

It is absolutely incredible to witness the compassion and kindness that we alone are not capable of, but only a loving God working through us! It's encouraging, uplifting, and even inspiring -- it makes us all want to do a better job. It's only when we realize how much we are loved, that we are empowered to truly love others.

Thank you mom; thank you little Abigail!

10 September 2008

Kellogg Employees make "Beat the Heat" drive a success

Thank You Kellogg Employees for your compassion toward the hungry and homeless at Open Door Mission. Your faithful support has been a blessing to many people and an inspiration to our staff.

Employees make "Beat the Heat" drive a success

"There’s more than cereal happening at Kellogg in Omaha, Nebraska,” was the message broadcast by radio station K-LOVE in recognition of plant employees.

A truck stopped by each of the three shifts to collect items for the “Beat the Heat” drive from plant employees.

BettyLynn Conley, mill operator, said a lot of employees participated in the event, adding that one person even brought four fans.

“There was a lot of participation and cooperation,” she said.  “it was a really good thing and we were happy with how it turned out.”

Employees donated eight fans, 10 cases of bottled water and three pounds of house ware items.  The items were donated to the Open Door Mission.

Each day, Open Door Mission Ministries provides 320 men, women and children with safe shelter beds, serves more than 1,300 hot nutritious meals and provides preventative measures to 203 families living in poverty.

Candace L. Gregory, president / CEO Open Door Mission, thanked Kellogg for taking part in the “beat the Heat” drive to help the homeless and near homeless of the community.

“The generosity of Kellogg employees will make a difference and help change lives,” she said.

Gregory said the Open Door Mission appreciates the leadership of major corporations that encourage their employees to reach out to their community in an effort to make life better for everyone.

“We look forward to partnering with Kellogg in the future to provide hope to those needing a helping hand in our community,” she said.

Conley said it is possible the plant may choose to participate in similar events for upcoming holidays.

“I’m proud of everybody for stepping up and doing what was needed.” – BettyLynn Conley

04 September 2008

A Volunteer Experience

This is an e-mail that Open Door Misson recieved from a recent volunteer group that spent their day on the Open Door Mission campus.


This was a wonderful day for us. We sorted the Christmas presents, built our team, worked for the good of the community, and got a good taste of the tremendous needs that we can help fill right in our own back yard. We had a great time! Thanks for the experience!


The volunteer group from Physicians Mutual

Sorting Toys for Christmas

My hands are full of toys!

You also could have your own volunteer experience. Please visit Open Door Missions Website at www.opendoormission.org or contact Cris Morris at cmorris@opendoormission.org

01 September 2008

United Day of Caring

On Thursday August 28th more than 200 volunteers from various businesses in the community spent their work day on Open Door Mission's campus for the annual "United Day of Caring". They painted parts of the main building, helped replace some of the siding around the main building, sorted toys to get ready for Christmas, stuffed envelopes for a mailing, and other things. We just wanted to say a big thank you. We could not do it without you. Below are some of the great volunteers that we had here.

Here are volunteers from UPS

Here are volunteers from Blue Cross/Blue Shield

You could have your own Day of Caring volunteer opportuntiy. Please visit http://www.opendoormission.org/ to find out more or contact Cris Morris at 829-1504 or cmorris@opendoormission.org