29 April 2011

Streets of Omaha

Every Friday, Open Door Mission's volunteers help make over 1000 sack lunches that are used in the Streets of Omaha Program. After making all those lunches volunteers loard up 2 to 3 vans and go with staff to deliver them to hungry and homeless men, women, and children that are living in their cars, down my the river, in abandoned buildings, and some even live in their own homes but don't have enough money to put 3 meals on the table for them and their families.

Volunteers taking sack lunches to this man who loves to see the Open Door Mission van on Friday's as that is the only time someone comes to visit him

You and your group could have a life changing volunteer opportunity today in our Streets of Omaha Program. Please give Cris a call today at 402-422-1111 or go to www.opendoormission.org and click on the volunteer button and sign up today.

27 April 2011

"Grace Card"

I recently saw a movie entitled "Grace Card". It was about 2 police officers that lived 2 different lives but were partners. I don't want to share to much of the movie as I want you to go out and see it for yourselves but as I sat there and watched the movie I could not help to think of the many homeless men, women, and children are treated the way the man was in the movie.

I also could help think "what about me" How do I act and feel when I get missued or mistreated? Do I let my anger, which is my human nature take over and control me or do I allow God to use me to minister to those that are treating me wrong. Every day, we have the opportunity to rebuild relationships by extending and receiving God's grace. Offer The Grace Card, and never underestimate the power of God's love.

25 April 2011

Thank you 912 Project Group

Open Door Mission was suprised with a bunch of food from memebers of the 912 Project Group on Thursday. Through out the day they dropped by the recieving area with bag of can goods and other food products that will help Open Door Mission as we are serving more than 1,700 hot, nutritious meals to hungry and homeless men, women, and children. At the end of the day more than 1,000 lbs of food and more than $300 were donated. Thank you for making a difference right here, right now in your community.

21 April 2011

Hope For The Hopeless

Open Door Mission provides 400 men, women and children in Omaha with safe shelter beds. We serve more than 1,700 hot, nutritious meals daily, and we provide preventive measures to more than 250 families living in poverty. There is hope for the Hopeless.

Please check out this video http://bit.ly/i2EA0o

20 April 2011

Shoes for the Shoeless

Today, Bergan Middle School Students all the way from Fremont, Nebraska arrived at the Open Door Mission with over 200 pair of gently used shoes for the homeless men, women, and children livng on the Open Door Mission Campus.

"We want to promote service with our middle school students and came up with this project", says Sue Wewel, Team Teacher at Bergan Middle School. "Students made boxes and delivered them to local businesses for people to be able to drop off their donations"

"It is exciting to see students from outside the Metro area think of homeless and needy men, women, and children in the Heartland. says Candace Gregory, President/CEO. Open Door Mission is providing shelter to more than 400 homeless men, women, and children daily and at the Timberlake Outreach Center, we are seeing more low income families and individuals coming for service. In this economy many low income families and individuals are looking for ways to stretch their dollars and shoes for their children and themselves can be expensive."

Students from Bergan Middle School

19 April 2011

Good News

Maria, a recent Journey to work graduate, showed me an award letter that she received from Metropolitan Community College today. It said that she is eligible to receive a Federal Pell Grant of $5,550 each year to attend college. This breaks down to $1,388 per quarter. This will be more than enough for Maria to pay her tuition, buy her books and have money left over!! God is so good!


Jessica Michaels
Lydia House Case Manager

13 April 2011

Creighton and Freeman Group makes a Difference

Thank you Creighton and Freeman Group for volunteering your valuable time on the Door Mission Campus on Saturday. They got alot of painting done, Check out the photo.

Can you give 2 hours of your time and help make a difference on the Open Door Mission Campus. Please visit www.opendoormission.org and click on the Volunteer button and you can sign up for have a life changing volunteer opportunity today.

11 April 2011

Celebration of New Life

On Saturday, April 9th, Open Door Mission celebrated life change the Garland Thompson Men's Center. 13 Men, women, and familes were able to recieve their diploma from one of Open Door Mission's Life Changing programs. It was amazing to hear the graduates share their testomonies on how God has changed their lives. It starts a new chapter in their lives. thgnd

Graduating Class of April 2011

06 April 2011

Graduation is upon us!

What a joy it was taking our graduating class for their graduation pictures at WalMart! We loaded in the vans Friday and headed out, dressed in their Sunday bests. 7 single men, 4 single women, and four families! It was fun for me to see the progress that has been made from the time they first came to us for the programs. Their intake pictures lacked hope. These pictures were sprinkled and sparkling with Hope and a Future in the Lord. Even the children now have stability in their young lives and are preciously learning about the Lord their Heavenly Father.

Graduation is April 9th at 2PM at the Garland Thompson Men's Center! Come on out and listen to the testimonies that will touch your heart.

Kate Fisher

04 April 2011

Eagle Scout Project Gives Warmth to Many

Ryan decided that he wanted to make a difference in the lives of others for his Eagle Scout project so he chose Open Door Mission. Ryan decided to make fleece blankets with the help of family and friends. Boy, did he ever make blankets, 302 pounds of fleece blankets for Open Door Mission clients. It was such a blessing to see the Ryan and his dad deliver the blankets last week. There were sacks and sacks of brand new homemade blankets to give our men, women and children a gift of warmth and hope.

We appreciate the donation of blankets from Ryan as a part of his service to the community as an Eagle Scout. His compassion towards others will carry him far. If you know an Eagle Scout candidate looking for a project please contact Open Door Mission. We would love to help them have an impact on their community and fulfill their Eagle Scout requirements. Please call Open Door Mission if you have an idea to make a difference in the lives of others.

Maggie Cope Communications Coordinators