23 May 2012

News from the Children & Youth Department

Bible Day Camp starts in less than 2 weeks. Training starts for the camp counselors the day after Memorial Day. We have a great group of camp counselors who are looking forward to becoming a team so that God can use us for His Glory as we minister to our campers. Please keep the Bible Day camp in your prayers as many things will come up during the summer. Pray that the staff stay strong, healthy, and suffer the children to come to the Lord. Pray that the children will be safe as they go to and from camp and as we go on many planned field trips. We are believing that all the campers who don’t know Christ will have a relationship with Him by the end of camp.

Last night we had our final Celebrate Education sponsored by the Southwest Kiwanis for the 2011-2012 school year. We will have this celebration in the form of a picnic at Elmwood Park. We honored 47 students for academic achievement who have completed this school year. These students include current children living on Open Door Mission Campus. Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, chips & pop was on the menu. As always we want to say a special thank to Southwest Kiwanis, our Title 1 tutors, and teachers that make this possible.

Rachel Fisher

21 May 2012

Beat The Heat Drive

You might think that if you HAD to be homeless, summer would be the time to do it. But that would be before you spent a full day outside, under a BLISTERING hot summer sun, with not much to drink, and little or no protection for your skin.

Night falls, and you think you’ll get some relief. But temperatures don’t drop much and you swelter. Not to mention that you NEED a shower, but where to go to get one?

As summer approaches, I know our house at the Mission will be full. Often, the heat of summer is harder to bear than the cold of winter.

That’s why I’m inviting you to help me help our homeless friends. Would you be willing to organize a Beat The Heat drive to collect bottled water and sunscreen for the homeless and fans for low income families? These three items make a world of difference in the life of a needy person. And they are fun and easy to collect.

I know that with YOUR help, we can make a positive difference in the lives of others this summer. Please call Maggie today at  422-1111 for more information about how YOU can organize a Beat The Heat Drive today!  

James Cummings

14 May 2012

Pie in face AGAIN!

I am blessed to know an awesome lady that is very involved with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Most of the time Pam is one of my favorite people...until she decides to encourage the scouts to really get out there and sell cookies, popcorn or collect coats for Open Door Mission. Her troops are great supporters of Open Door Mission collecting coats in the winter and donating "Care & Share" cookies in the Spring. When the kids succeed and even go beyond goals they get to "pie" leaders, principals and me! It really is a lot of fun with laughter and plenty of Cool Whip pies. Yes, I will do just about anything to get donations for Open Door Mission. If you would like to get your troop or organization involved in giving back to the community please contact Maggie Cope to set up a drive. If you really want to have fun...I will even take a pie in the face for your efforts!

Maggie Cope
Communication Coordinator
Open Door Mission

04 May 2012

Life Changing Volunteer Opportunity on Friday's

o     Do you have time on a Friday and would like to have a life changing volunteer opportunity? Every Friday Lisa comes faithfully and helps make over 1000 sack lunches and then delivers them to hungry and homeless men, women, and children that are living on the street, down by the river, in abandoned buildings and some even live in their own homes but don’t have the money to provide 3 meals a day for their families. It's our streets of Omaha Program. Give Corine a call today at 422-1111.