26 March 2013

NorthStar Financial Keeps Giving & Giving...

NorthStar Financial really cares about the daily needs and the special needs of Open Door Mission's men, women and children. They had  made fleece blankets just last month when the call went out for Easter Care Kits for the men and women at the mission. We have Easter baskets donated for the children, but the adults would have nothing special. NorthStar, under the guidance of Nikki, decided to answer that call and made 75 Easter Care Kits to give out on Easter morning. Besides some basic personal care items each kit has a chocolate bunny, to make the day even sweeter. Thank you to NorthStar Financial and the other businesses, churches, individuals and organizations that answered the call to make Easter "eggs-tra"special so "every-bunny" knows they are special.

19 March 2013

Trust God Even in the Bad Times

A dear friend of mine and former case manager at Open Door Mission, Mike K. received a diagnosis of ALS, Lou Gehrig disease, last year. Most of us would rail at God and feel devastated, but Mike's faith is strong and totally trusting. As family, friends and Faith Westwood Church rallied  and prayed Mike began to see his calling during this new season of his life. The students came to him and asked him to lead a Bible study, they would come to him and come they did. They even come when it isn't Bible study night to talk with him, he has become their mentor and an example of a true Godly man.  They decided to volunteer at Open Door Mission in a way to give back. I can not begin to tell you how awesome this all is so here are Mike's words...
I have been so blessed by these kids and their commitment, passion and kindness. I look back on my time there with so much gratitude. I know now why God had me leave there. I would have never met these kids...God is great.
I have a funny story about the AA meeting I attended at the Mission. One of the kids went with me. I asked the men in the meeting if it was okay that he was there. You know, Christian kid, doesn't swear, hair is perfect, beautiful smile. It looked like he may have gotten lost on his way to his Boy Scout meeting.
 Anyway. we all introduced ourselves as we do.."I'm Mike alcoholic, etc,etc."  Came around to Kyler, didn't know what he was to do. I whispered to him "say hi, I'm Kyler". Of course all of the guys around the table said LOUDLY "Hi Kyler". Poor kids face was 10 shades of red...hilarious.
I am doing so good, my spirits are up, sense of humor is good and my faith grows every day. I can honestly say this...Lou Gehrig has been good to me. 
Love, Mike

05 March 2013

NorthStar Donations Warm Those in Need

NorthStar Financial's Young Professionals made fleece blankets for Open Door Mission's Fleece in February drive. NorthStar supports Open Door Mission with various drives throughout the year. This time the Young Professional group got their "no sewing" skills together to make these warm cosy blankets for those staying at the mission. We appreciate all kinds of fleece blankets. Thank you to NorthStar Young Professionals for making a fun project into a blessing of warmth for those in need.

01 March 2013

Easter Care Kits

Steeplechase Apartment residents are making someone's Easter very special this year. The whole apartment complex has been invited to make an Easter Care Kit for the adult men and women staying at Open Door Mission during the Easter holiday. Steeplechase Apartments have been great supporters of Open Door Mission by doing various drives throughout the years. This project is a little different, but just as important to serving our clients. Steeplechasse wants to help make sure that everyone has something special for Easter...and what better than a Chocolate bunny? As you see by the example in the picture there are only 4 basic items and of course the chocolate bunny! If you would like to help provide the Easter Care Kits for our homeless men and women please call 402-829-1554 or mcope@opendoormission.org.