16 April 2013

Simple Math Word Problem

One homeless young mother + (her two children) + one man addicted to drugs + two single women (1 victim of domestic violence, 1 struggling with mental illness) + three veterans (1 Viet Nam, 1 Iran war, 1 Afghanistan) + 5,000 living in poverty + four families (2 downsized, 1 lacking job skills, 1 large medical bills)
x U volunteers =Open Door Mission being able to serve everyone. Can you solve for U?

You see we need volunteers to help make the difference. Open Door Mission cannot do all without YOU! Volunteers yearly = >60 employees to provide life changing programs for those in need or crisis. Open Door Mission needs you to help solve the “U”. Please come for an orientation and tour; then find where “U” belong at Open Door Mission. Just click the link to find the answer. http://www.opendoormission.org/volunteer

03 April 2013

PayPal Green Team Spring Cleaning

PayPal Spring Cleaning Lydia House Drive - It’s spring! PayPal GreenTeam cleaned out their closets and DONATED to Open Door Mission’s Lydia House. They made a difference in the lives of others by providing needed items. Nationally, about half of all homeless women and children are fleeing domestic abuse and violence. Open Door Mission’s Lydia House provides emergency services for women and families in need of immediate assistance. Visit www.opendoormission.org for more life changing opportunities.  
Please note that Open Door Mission can only accept gently used clothing and shoes and functioning and gently used household items. Please refer to tour FAQ page for unacceptable items: http://www.opendoormission.org/faqs. You can also contact Open Door Mission at: Phone: 402-422-1111 or Email: ODM@OpenDoorMission.org