22 May 2013

Across the Miles, Across the Languages...a Common Bond

This past week I had an interesting and inspiring experience. The Presbyterian Missions had a group of people from the Czech Republic come to Omaha to tour Open Door Mission. I was chosen to escort the group and answer questions.  The group of men and women work in organizations similar to Open Door Mission, but in scattered sights. I worked with a translator, which in itself was an experience. The whole group was amazed at the scope of the programs and resources Open Door Mission shares with the community. The best part was, in spite of language barriers, there was an excitement that what we are doing is working to better people's lives and the community. It was a great two hours sharing how Christians of all nationalities can learn from each other and provide for the hungry, hurting and homeless of God's world. It was a blessing that family of Christ gave us a common bond to help change lives.