30 May 2014

Change...the only constant

Open Door Mission -downtown
Thirteen years ago God led me to full time missions at Open Door Mission, my how things have changed and not changed.  I have seen the mission grow in not only number of buildings but even more in the number of life changing programs we offer.
Unfortunately the number of people needing help has grown almost exponentially and Open Door Mission now serves 37%to 56% more people (depends on the program) than just a few short years ago. We, as staff and administration, cannot do it alone.  Open Door Mission is blessed to have compassionate, caring and giving donors and volunteers that come along side to help those less fortunate.

Rebuilding Lives Center 2014
We often say the only constant at Open Door Mission is change…change in a very good way. People’s lives are being changed every day as they hear the gospel and find hope, not just food and shelter. Change as new donors and volunteers come to support the mission in so many ways. Change as new programs are developed to strengthen and help those seeking help and refuge for a life of hope not despair.  Change as we add more staff to meet growing needs. Those of us at Open Door Mission are blessed to work here. We all have stories to tell of God’s marvelous working in our lives, in the lives of those that we serve  and the lives of our donors and volunteers. Please read the Open Door Mission Blog and discover the greatness and goodness of God’s grace at the mission. Please come and share as together we change lives. ~maggie cope

06 May 2014

Showing Jesus Through Actions

I had the privilege of chaperoning 17 program men at the Creighton baseball game on Saturday night (Jays won 4-3 in 11 innings).  The weather was perfect and it was a special night as Creighton honored our U.S. military and especially those Nebraskans and Iowans--women and men--who have lost their lives in service to their country.  It was especially moving after the game when the stadium lights were turned off and a single military trumpeter--spotlighted on the field--played "Taps" as photos of the men and women were scrolled on the Jumbo-tron screen.

     Our program men exhibited excellent behavior throughout the night, were consistently making themselves accountable to their chaperone, and were returned to the Mission without incident.  Not only do I offer this report to say how well the men represented themselves, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Open Door Mission, but also to give thanks for the 5-7 minutes that these men stood together, removed their caps, and honored the fallen with sincere silence.  What a moment! 

     One additional blessing I received was the honor of observing and greeting a gentleman from the Garland Thompson Men's Center emergency side who was working at the stadium that night, cleaning up the concourse and the restrooms.  His smile, friendliness, and humble demeanor are a credit to Pat and all who serve at the Open Door Mission, restoring dignity to those who are willing to work and who call the Open Door Mission, for now, their place of residence.  Definitely a plus 1.

     It was a night I will long remember and be thankful for.

Another servant,

Scott Driscoll