30 March 2015

HOPE for a Better and BRIGHTER Life in Christ

I want each of you to know how much I appreciated residing at Open Door Mission during my time of need. Even though there were some rough times, I would always know in my heart that God was there with me. During my time on Open Door Mission's campus, my spirits were lifted. During the stressful moments each of you played a very positive part in my ability to function. Moving forward I now look back at my time spent at Open Door Mission as a part of the New life Recovery Program, I see it as a stepping stone on my way to having my own home again. I am humbly grateful. A special THANK YOU to my Case Manager Jacqueline and Shawntel, the Day House Supervisor for being the platform of my support system that held me upright and moving forward AT ALL TIMES.


Guest at Lydia House

18 March 2015

To me, being a Christian means...

To me, being a Christian means...That you are not your own anymore...that you were bought with a price...the shed blood of Jesus Christ! That you are in this world, but not a part of it. That God is on the throne of your heart and life and everything you do....you do it unto Him. 

That you are Holy Spirit led and NOT led by the flesh. That your life is a breath by breath life of praise and worship....not just some songs you sing in church on Sunday's.

That you love and serve the lost, needy, orphans, widows and the homeless.... That you love like Jesus loves... that the cry of your heart is: "Lord! BREAK MY HEART FOR WHAT BREAKS YOURS!!!"

You love Jesus with ALL of your heartmindsoul and /strength!!!

Overnight Support Worker

11 March 2015

What it's like to SERVE at Open Door Mission

I was a first time volunteer today at Open Door Mission. I graduated from North High School, Class of 1959. I was impressed with the staff at the mission in addition to the guests and students who found shelter at the mission. They all seemed to resonate with the Real Message. My stereotype of homeless has certainly changed, dramatically after spending time on Open Door Mission's campus. I saw real love and compassion in everyone that I came into contact with. I am not a churchgoer, but the spirit was there, among and within the people.

- Volunteer at Open Door Mission