29 May 2015

Fulfilling my Purpose

     My name is Jennifer VanLaningham, and although I have helped in several areas here at Open Door Mission, I am officially the Administrative Assistant to Senior Program Manager, Steve Frazee.  I have been an employee since July 2014, and have never questioned my decision to work here. 
     My life’s journey thus far has taken me through many dark and lonely times, but I am consistently reassured that God has a plan for me.  Beginning eight years ago with a failed marriage, spanning to today as a single mother of two children (dare I tell you they are both teenagers…AND girls??!!), I am learning to sit back and have faith.
     Little by little, I have stopped trying to control my life, trying to make “all the right choices,” and have started trust that God is taking care of me.  Working alongside fellow employees who live and breathe the Word of God humbles me daily.  I want to be like them.
     I left the corporate world in order to grow personally in faith and in my passion for helping the broken.  But isn’t it crazy that I get PAID to grow into the woman God intended me to be??
     Working here has never been dull, and every day I have a new excitement about coming to work.  I just want to “be.”  I just want to be here to see God work in the hearts of the staff and in our guests.  It truly is inspiring and awesome.
     It is no coincidence that during a dark and stormy time in my life I “stumbled” upon Romans 5: 3-4.  It has been imprinted on my heart, and I have realized since working at the Mission alongside my coworkers and speaking to the guests who come and go, I cannot argue its truth.  I thank God every morning for giving me yet another day to serve Him and fulfill His purpose for my life.
     I love you all.
Not only this, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope.
-Romans 5:3-4

Jennifer VanLaningham

Administrative Assistant

28 May 2015

Nighttime at Open Door Mission

     I have worked at Open Door Mission for a little over a year, and each day is still exciting to come to work not knowing what is going to happen.  We do a lot of paperwork and straightening up during the overnight shift.  And then we are the start of the day when the men wake up and get ready.  It is important that we are able to have things prepared for them such as their medications, their things, and a nourishing breakfast that has been prepared by the kitchen staff. 
     Hopefully if we’re able to have these things put together and ready for the guests in the morning, it will positively impact their outlook throughout the day.  We are continuously praying for them as they are coming and going throughout the night, to and from work.  It is a joy to be able to serve them now, so they can better prepare for what lies ahead. 

Darryl Price

Night House Supervisor

27 May 2015

Inspired Daily

     In July 2014 I was given the opportunity to serve God by working at Open Door Mission’s Timberlake Outreach Center.  We help the Heartland’s neediest neighbors receive resources that lessen some of their burden of providing for their family.  It is a blessing to be used by God in this way.
     I enjoy sharing God's Word and offering to pray with the guests we serve.  These men, women, and children are so grateful that many times they also pray for me!  I also enjoy the children that come to find toys because the joy that comes to their faces is priceless. 
     Recently, I have met up with a nurse I used to work with and who goes on many mission trips. She is retired and enjoys sharing her experience as a nurse to help others gain health and well-being.  Once a month, she volunteers in the Timberlake Outreach Center, always with a smile on her face and a story to tell.
     Last Thursday, she left for Nepal to help the earthquake victims.  I think she is an awesome woman, is filled with grace to go on missions and help others in this way.  She is just one of many amazing volunteers who donate their time to help the hungry and homeless.  It is a blessing to work alongside such inspirational people.
     This also inspires me to do my job with God in my heart and love for others in our community.  Thanks be to God for this opportunity, praying that He lets me continue serving here for many years to come.
     God bless you all!

Linda Pirruccello
Guest Services Coordinator

26 May 2015

The Courageous Ones

     I have been working as Open Door Mission’s Head Chef for a little over six months.  I came from a restaurant, and there are many similarities with working here at the Mission, but even more differences.  The greatest difference is seeing the blessings, provision, and handy-work of the One True God on a daily basis!
     Being in ministry full time is a great place to be.  I have been stretched, molded, and conformed to look and act more like Jesus.  Some would say doing full time ministry is courageous, and I would agree.  I have learned there are many courageous men and women here, both staff and guests.
     One of the programs at the Mission is called the New Life Recovery Program.  The goal of this program is to help people learn how to overcome their addictions, pointing them to Jesus Christ.  I had the opportunity to sit in with the men who were candidates to move to the next level of the program.  There are different levels of the program, and several of our Directors acknowledge those who have moved up to the next level.
     Let me tell you, this it was an awesome sight to behold!  As these men went forward to receive their given certificates, the Lord spoke to my heart the word COURAGEOUS.  To see these men to be so humbled, desiring lasting change was very convicting.  There were about 30 guys in the room all, at different levels of the program, and they all cheered each other on, congratulating each other.  This was such a cool experience to be a part of.
     They were transparent and honest about their lives, of which I thought, “Wow, what a great example of Jesus!”  I would like to encourage everyone that we not let our pride, selfishness, and fear get in the way of our living courageously for Jesus.  One of my life verses is:
No temptation has overtaken you but what is common to man: and God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will provide the way of escape also, so that you will be able to endure it.
1 Corinthians 10:13
     This is a courageous verse!  When life happens, which it will God, will not allow things that we cannot handle.  WOW!  How awesome is it that even when we think we can’t handle something, GOD DOES!  The key is that HE will help us, showing us the way.  Things might not turn as expected, but God is so good to amaze and surprise us with how HE works.
     So remember when you are scared and feel like giving up:  look to Jesus.  He is the solution!  Glory to God and God alone! 

Brian Springer

Head Chef

25 May 2015

Helping Without Hindering

     “For the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore I command thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land.”
- Deuteronomy 15:11
     As Christians, we are called to love the poor, to “minister to orphans and widows” (James 1:27).  However, we are also told that “if any would not work, neither should he eat” (2 Thessalonians 3:10).  What a daunting dichotomy!  How are we to judge who should or should not receive help, who should or should not eat?  How are we to know when we are truly helping, and when we are merely enabling ungodly and destructive actions?  The Scripture seems very clear on this: when in doubt, we are to use the test of work. 
     It’s not enough just to provide handouts to anyone who will take them.  Our task is to “teach a man to fish,” to provide opportunities, training, and resources for individuals and families to become self-sufficient.  It doesn't matter what they have or haven’t done.  What matters is what they’re willing to do now.  It matters if they are willing to work, to sacrifice, and to engage in a disciplined process of lasting change.
     They won’t always succeed, but there is grace to continue trying. And God doesn't force people to change, so neither can we.  All we can do is offer opportunities.

Seth Hendrickson
IT Help Desk

22 May 2015

Storm Chasers Suit up to Serve

     The Storm Chasers, formerly known as the Omaha Royals, are in their fifth season at Werner Park in Sarpy County.
     Even during their season, the players and staff care about serving in Omaha, starting their first annual Chasers Community Week the first week of May.  In an effort to give back, they assisted an elderly woman in Midtown with painting and yard cleanup, visited Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, and volunteered at Open Door Mission.
     Although they served lunch as a part of their Chasers Community Week, the Storm Chasers have volunteered several times.  Amy Harvey, Volunteer and Partner Director at Open Door Mission, explained that it’s not typical to get help from athletes at that level.  “It’s exciting for guests when they see someone from the team, just the fact that someone from the team is supportive of them,” she said.
     The Storm Chasers have earned a reputation for their involvement in the community.  The group’s outreach ranges from volunteering and attending events to donating money, averaging about 75 hours of community service from players and office staff per month.
Last month Cordaro received the Jack Lewis Community Service Award at the Omaha Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony.
     Martie Cordaro, the team’s President and General Manager, is a big part of the community outreach.  When Cordaro joined in 2007, the group was involved in some 20 community-driven organizations. Today the Chasers help more than 60.  The community involvement isn’t required, but highly encouraged.
     “I think it empowers people to know that if they need to take a two-hour lunch, not necessarily to go have lunch, but to go down to the Open Door Mission ... it’s OK.  We want you to do that,” Cordaro said.  “I’ve never told anyone no for volunteer hours, because our staff finds the time to get their day-by-day tasks done.”
     Buddy Baumann, a third year pitcher with the Storm Chasers, does something in the community about once a month.  The team often offers serving opportunities, and he enjoys signing up, despite a busy schedule.
     “It’s nice for people to see a sports figure...doing good and showing love to the community,” Baumann said.  “It’s nice especially to be that ambassador for athletes.”

This blog post was adapted from Emily Nohr, Omaha World-Herald Staff Writer’s story.  To view the full story, click here.

21 May 2015

Transformation at the Lydia House

     I have worked at Open Door Mission for almost three years, but only in the past few months have I gotten the opportunity to work in the Lydia House.  A personal joy is being a vessel used to help meet people's practical needs of food, clothing, and shelter.  From that, spiritual needs can also be met.
     It is exciting to see people come in off the streets and begin to transform before my very eyes.  It starts with a meal and a hot shower, and continues through conversations with staff who passionately love Jesus and can show His love to them.  Seeing God transform a person's life is a special thing to be a part of.  
     I am grateful to all the supporters who help make Open Door Mission a place where both people's physical and spiritual needs can be met.  I am grateful for the donors who give sacrificially so that homeless men, women, and children can receive fresh socks, toiletry items, and even a toothbrush.  These seemingly small items are huge to those who do not have them. 

Bethany Loux

Evening Family Support Worker

20 May 2015

Denver to Omaha: Same HOPE

     As a Gospel Rescue Mission, Open Door Mission is not only providing people with shelter and food, but is also continuously presenting the Gospel in a very real way. 
     Recently I was traveling in Denver, and had the opportunity to volunteer at the Denver Rescue Mission.
     It was so interesting to see how this particular Rescue Mission serves their community.  Compared to here at Open Door Mission, here are many differences in how they carry out their day to day tasks.  But as guests were enjoying pancakes (which I must note were bigger than their faces), I began to have some conversations.  This is when I started to see the similarities, and almost felt like I was back home.  I heard stories of being broken, but now having newfound HOPE in Jesus.  It was exciting to see the same transformation happening in Denver that I get to see at Open Door Mission on a daily basis.
     There are about 300 Rescue Missions around the United States.  It is a humbling experience to say I work for a Gospel Rescue Mission and that I am a part of God’s plan for Omaha!
     So I will leave you with this:  In what WAYS is God CALLING you to help the hungry and homeless here in our community?

Lindsay Wyant

Leasing Specialist

19 May 2015

At Your Neighborhood Hy-Vee

     For the entire month of May, Hy-Vee is donating $1.00 for every $30.00 Meal Builder Bundle sold.  Click here for the list of what is included.  To promote this deal, Open Door Mission sent staff to every Omaha and Council Bluffs area store this past Friday and Saturday, and I got to represent!
     What a blessing it is to just talk to the community about Open Door Mission!  I was able to serve at the Hy-Vee where I do my grocery shopping, and it was a blast seeing people from my very own neighborhood get excited about Open Door Mission.  I even saw my next door neighbor!
     So many people shared about their volunteer experience, how they donate monthly, the clothes and furniture they’ve dropped off at the Mission.  We truly are surrounded by faithful friends—people who make the life change at Open Door Mission possible.
     Thanks to each one who took a moment to say hello this weekend to me or any other Mission staff.  And thank you to all who bought a Meal Builder Bundle!  We truly appreciate your support.  For those who haven’t snagged this deal yet, it’s not too late!

Beatrice Krause

Marketing Coordinator

18 May 2015

A Life Recommited

     Several nights ago, I went through the intake process with a new guest named Frank.  He is joining the New Life Recovery Program.  As we went through his basic information, I asked how his relationship was with Christ.  He said, “I have left the Lord.”
     He received Christ seven years ago, but left Christ after two years of walking with him.  I shared some precious promises of forgiveness and asked if he wanted a do over.  He did and we prayed.  He said afterward, "I feel like a weight has lifted off of my shoulders."
     Please keep him in your prayers.  Our Day House Supervisor will be able to follow up with Frank very soon, as discipleship is key in building a lasting relationship with Christ.  What a blessing it is to see God radically change lives at Open Door Mission!

Greg Johnston

Intake/Case Manager

15 May 2015

Dine Out to End Hunger

      Last night I had the opportunity to represent Open Door Mission at our monthly event, Dine Out to End Hunger.  Each month, different restaurants in and around the Omaha-Metro area partner with the Mission for one day, allowing a percentage of their earning on that day to benefit the hungry, homeless, and hurting on our campus.
     Our community partner this month was Noodles & Company, and it was such a blessing to be able to represent Open Door Mission at their restaurant.  I was allowed the opportunity to share about the myriad of opportunities for our community to get involved.  It brings me joy to be able to talk about how people can serve.
     There were a few families that came to Dine Out to End Hunger who were very familiar with the mission and are regular volunteers!  It was awesome to see some familiar faces at this event.  Many people also who came out last night because they saw our event on Facebook or heard about it from the radio.  I do some work on the public relations side at the Mission, and it was so fulfilling to hear that our efforts are being recognized and acknowledged.
     I came up with a simile that describes some of the work that I do at the Mission: I am like a megaphone, sharing the important happenings to our community.  I am thankful to work in fulltime ministry to bring Open Door Mission’s volunteers, donors, and advocates closer to the Kingdom.
     Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  - Ephesians 5:20

Alexandria Ewing

Donor Relations Coordinator

14 May 2015

Learning to Lead

     Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Leadercast: Omaha Conference.  This is a conference focused on building up Christ-like leaders in every workplace, with impressive speakers from all different walks of life.  It was all that I expected it to be plus more. I went into this conference very excited to learn what it is to be a leader and not just to get tips and tricks of the trade but to learn, in the core, what it is to BE a leader. My Open Door Mission position in the Volunteer Department requires me to lead volunteers by communicating what needs to be accomplished, so leadership is key.  The topic of this year was Bravery and that is something that I lack in the field of being a leader.
     The 107th Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, said that you need to know what you believe in and stand for it. The first thing I thought of when he said this was the name of Jesus.  His name carries power, which should produce bravery in all who stand in His name.
     The mayor of Compton, Aja Brown, expanded on the statement, “We are all human.”  I like that because no matter if I am leading people that make tons of money, or youth group kids that are looking for a fun Wednesday night, I need to understand that we are all humans created by God, plain and simple.
     Peyton Manning made the point that we are all leaders in something, even if we do not think so. The ability to lead is present on some level in every person, and all we have to do is find and practice it.
     The CEO of Pixar, Ed Catmull shared the wisdom that a leader must be willing to forget there are levels in a company for a little bit.  Everyone should be able to speak openly and listen to each other’s ideas.  A good leader listens to their employees/followers, which allows for non-biased ideas from people that may surprise you.
     I came away with a lot of good characteristics of a leader in this year’s Leadercast and it is hard to fit everything into this one blog. Thankfully I have a notebook full of the words of the great leaders that attended this conference. I feel very fortunate to have been able to go and learn what I have learned. The next step is to review the notes and apply what I have learned to my everyday life as a Volunteer Coordinator at Open Door Mission, or in any other areas the Lord calls me to lead.

Corey McClain
Volunteer Coordinator

13 May 2015

On the Road to the Mission...

     On the road to the Mission, I often pick up one of our homeless guests making their way back to the Men's Center.  One day I saw David walking along the roadside with a heavy red suitcase and shoulder bag.  I offered him a ride, and he gladly accepted.
     When I asked him where he was going, he said, "Home to Japan."  I said, “Oh my goodness!  You're not homeless?"  He burst out laughing,  "No!  I am a Berkshire Hathaway share holder and this was my first trip to Omaha."  David walks and even runs to most places in Japan, so he thought walking to the airport was not a big deal.  He did not realize, however, that there is not a sidewalk all the way to the airport, which is why he was grateful for the lift.
     I shared with him about Open Door Mission, pointing to our campus on the way to airport.  "We need that in Japan!” David said.  “The homeless live on the streets, in shanties and squatters’ quarters.”
     We both learned a lot today from this experience! I am so grateful our community provides not only an awesome campus of facilities but opportunities for the homeless.

Candace Gregory

12 May 2015

Bring the Children Unto Me

     I was encouraged a few years ago to share about Open Door Mission in a variety of settings.  I wasn’t too sure about being able to do that, but thanks to God (along with lots of prayer) I have been privileged to speak about Open Door Mission for the past six years.  Although I will tell anyone anywhere at any time about Open Door Mission and how they can help make a difference, my love is for young people.
     I LOVE to speak to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, church youth groups, and schools (from preschool to college).  I just love the vibrancy and fearlessness of students.  When I share about homeless children, the children I am speaking to immediately show their compassion for the less fortunate.  When I ask, “How do you think you can help?”  Their responses coming pouring out from their hearts.  They don’t think any idea is too outrageous, though I often have to guide them to a practical idea.  Children have a take charge, “let’s just do“ attitude that gets stuff done.
     These past few years I have been blessed to have young people send notes of encouragement and drawings for our guests, make hundreds of fleece blankets, collect hundreds of pounds of socks & underwear, make sure our kids had cereal for breakfast, fill the children’s library with books, and collect hundreds of pounds of towels & bed linens and so many other items. Young people have a heart of compassion and love for the homeless. I am so blessed to have touched these young people’s lives in such a small way for they have blessed me and Open Door Mission in so many great ways. Never underestimate the power and compassion of youth to make a difference. They are our future, and from where I stand it looks bright with the light of HOPE.
      I would love to come and share with any youth group, school class, organization, or even adults!
     It is so important to pour into the youth of today, and especially so into the lives of children living at Open Door Mission.  Today only, you can make a difference in a child’s life here at Open Door Mission by sponsoring them for a week of camp during the KFAB Kids to Kamp Radiothon.  Just $49 will provide three nutritious meals every day, arts and crafts, recreational games, field trips, stories, music, educational tutoring, and more!  Click the banner below for more information.

Maggie Cope
Community Relations Coordinator

11 May 2015

Brand New Kicks

          It starts when we’re young: that boost of confidence from putting on a pair of brand new shoes.  Nothing started off a new season better than some sweet kicks to show off to your friends.  We all walk a little taller, strutting our stuff, when our feet are pampered the first time we wear a pair of shoes.
     When I was in elementary school, the coolest things were light up shoes and Sketchers tennis shoes.  If you had Sketchers that lit up…you were the coolest kid in the whole class.
     But imagine for a second having only ever worn hand-me-down shoes.  Shoes that are too big or too small, shoes stained beyond cleaning, shoes with holes in the toes.  A kid’s confidence would surely take a hit for wearing shoes like that.     
     That’s why it was such a joy to see our Lydia House kids getting to pick out a brand new pair of shoes at Payless.  They were able to choose whatever style, color, and type of shoe they wanted.  And they were able to buy shoes that fit their feet exactly.  That will make a kid feel like a million bucks.
     On the bus ride home, I heard kids chatting excitedly, saying things like
     “I can’t wait to show my mom my new shoes.”
     “Everyone at school is going to love these new shoes.”
     “These will go with every outfit!”
     Thank you to Payless for their generosity and for remembering the little things that mean so much to the homeless children at Open Door Mission.

Beatrice Krause
Marketing Coordinator

08 May 2015

Ladies You Are Loved

       I was unimaginably blessed to have grown up in a Christian home.  My father, siblings, and I loved celebrating my godly mother each Mother's day, expressing appreciation for her love.
     However, for many of our women at the Lydia House, Mother's Day is a painful holiday.  Many did not grow up in a loving, supportive home, and their memories are instead riddled with times of abuse in stable homes.
     Our Ladies You Are Loved Brunch, which will be held tomorrow, will allow our homeless women to feel special and loved.  A morning of music, gifts, an encouraging message of God's love, and a special meal served by volunteers will create the atmosphere for hurting and broken women to step out in faith to let healing begin.  Each year this brunch is a highlight for staff, volunteers, and the women at the Lydia House.
     Please join us in praying for these women tomorrow.

Candace Gregory

07 May 2015

National Day of Prayer

     This nation’s history is covered in prayer.  Special proclamations for days of prayer and fasting have been issued by presidents going as far back to John Adams.  And in 1952, Harry S. Truman established the annual day of observance, asking people to turn to God in prayer and meditation.
     So today, on this National Day of Prayer, people across the United States, across the Heartland, across Iowa and Nebraska will be faithfully lifting up prayers.  They will pray for the Church, our government, families, the nations, our leaders, and the media.  They will shout out prayers of praise and thanksgiving.
     We will be praying at the Mission, too.  We will ask the Lord to break people free of addiction, to bring broken families together, to heal deeply injured hearts and bodies, to protect all living on the streets, to grant courage to any in domestic violence situations, to guide hungry and homeless men, women, and children to Open Door Mission.  Most of all, we pray that more people will turn their hearts to God and receive salvation.
     These are our daily prayers.  Join us in covering the Heartland’s neediest neighbors in prayer, not only today, but every day.  Please pray for our staff, volunteers, donors, and friends as well.  We rely upon the wisdom, grace, and provision of God to serve those who need help the most.  God hears our prayers.

06 May 2015

Blessings at the Free Health and Healing Clinic

     An anonymous donor donated over 1,000 needles and syringes to the Free Health and Healing Clinic for our Back To School Physical Day coming up in July.  What a blessing!
     For Open Door Mission, this means we will be able to immunize every child in need both on campus and in our community case management program 2911.  We will be able to use the funds previously allocated for needles on other medical supplies.  These include over the counter medications, wound care, special shampoos, medication weekly organizers, and many more supplies. 
     With this generous gift from donors in our community, we will be able to provide better care to all men, women, and children seeking medical treatment at the Open Door Mission. 

Kate Fischer, LIMHP
Free Health & Healing Clinic Director

05 May 2015

Seeing God in Art

     Last week Ray, an Open Door Mission volunteer, taught Art Therapy for the Lydia House women’s Everyday Learning Class. It was fabulous! The women really got into it. The project Ray led them in was dropping water color paint on a damp piece of paper. This causes the paint to spread in unpredictable ways across the paper.  No matter where the paint spreads, each piece of art was beautiful.
     Ray compared this to our lives. Things often seem chaotic or out of control, but if we trust that God is in control, the end result will be a masterpiece!

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
I will counsel you with My loving eye on you.
-Psalm 32:8

Vickie Gregorio
Lydia House Director

04 May 2015

Meet Ruby

     “God, make me a better Ruby.” This is the prayer of Ruby’s heart during her time in recovery. Ruby grew up in a dysfunctional family with no father and being sexually abused by a family member throughout her childhood.
     Ruby’s family was known for hosting parties each weekend where seven-year-old Ruby played bartender. This is where her addiction began, drinking the same alcohol she served to others.
     Fast forward to age 30 and Ruby is an alcoholic with an extensive drug addiction, including marijuana and cocaine. She also has had five children, though four of them have no contact with her. It was at this point that she decided to move to Omaha with her fiancĂ© and youngest child with hopes for a new beginning. This was another abusive relationship though, which lead Ruby to spend time in various homeless shelters.  Through this she still struggled with sobriety.
     Finally growing weary of addiction and abuse, Ruby listened to someone who told her about the life-changing programs at Open Door Mission.  Taking their advice, she moved into Open Door Mission’s Lydia House and began the New Life Recovery Program.  This is where her real journey begins.
     The program has given her a new, wondrous beginning. Ruby feels God’s presence every day, and sees His love in her counselors, mentors, pastors, and staff.  Sobriety has been a beautiful and challenging process, but God is working wonders in her life. During difficult days, her motivation comes from her favorite verses, Psalm 139: 13-16.

“For it was you who formed my inward parts;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you,
for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works;
that I know very well. My frame was not hidden from you,
when I was being made in secret,
intricately woven in the depths of the earth.”

     Ruby has advanced to the third phase of the program and is excited to move closer toward graduation.  She knows she has received a true gift in being able to break the cycle of homelessness not only for herself, but also for her children.  Thank you for your support to inspire HOPE for lasting change in lives like Ruby’s.

01 May 2015

A Look Inside the New Life Recovery Program

     It is always awesome to see how people grow in our programs.  It was very evident to me today.  Before my class I had a gentleman approach me and he asked if he could have a few minutes at the start of class to speak to the other men about something.  This gentleman's name is Marvin.  Marvin has been known to get frustrated easily and handle it by being argumentative and yell or talk loudly in what often comes across as disrespectful.      To be honest it can be a big distraction and causes some friction between Marvin and other men.  He told me today that he wanted to apologize to everyone he may have offended or angered because of his actions and ask for their forgiveness!  I gave him the time to do this and he spoke of how he knows he still has growing to do but that he has been convicted by The Holy Spirit to change how he has been doing things and strengthen his walk with The Lord.  It was very fitting that today we already going to talk about the differences in guilt vs conviction.  It always refreshing to see how much people change from the time they start there walk and where they are when they graduate the program. It shows how great, powerful, and amazing our God is!

Gerry Ford

Evening House Supervisor